Best optics in XDefiant: Short-range sights, scopes, more

Lucas Simons
XDefiant optics

In XDefiant, equipping the best attachments can make a lot of difference in your gameplay. Sights are a key element in every precision loadout, and here is a list of the best you can find in the game.

XDefiant has a large assortment of attachments you can equip your weapons with, increasing their stats and combat power. Optics increase precision and target acquisition, allowing you to deliver lethal streams of bullets toward your enemies.

So, knowing which are the best optics for every occasion is a matter of checking effective range, and every kind of sight and scope the game has. Here’s a list of the best optics in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant short-range sights

The best XDefiant short-range sight is the Holographic Sight, which offers precision and a small magnification.

Other good options are the Reflex Sight and the Red Dot Sight. All these are great for short-range weapons such as Handguns, SMGs, and Shotguns.

Short Range sights in XDefiant
Short Range sights are better suited for SMGs and Handguns.

Best XDefiant mid/long range optics

The best XDefiant mid/long-range optics is the Variable Zoom Scope (4x-8x), which allows you to switch between mid and long-range, and greatly increases aiming speed.

Another great option is the ACOG Scope (4x) which can be ideal for some M4A1 and SVD loadouts.

Mid Range Sight XDefiant
Mid and Long-Range Optics are designed for a variety of weapons.

Best XDefiant scopes

The best scope in XDefiant is the CQBSS Scope (8x), one of the long-range optics in the game, this scope pairs greatly with every sniper loadout in the game. This scope pairs nicely with every M44 loadout.

Another good option is the Sniper Scope (12x), which trades target acquisition speed for greater range and precision.

Sniper Scope XDefiant
Scopes are better suited for sniping, and allow you to Hold Breath to still the reticle.

Regardless of the attachments you choose for your build, you should know that most of the weapons in XDefiant have an effective range. So, if you try to equip an Assault Rifle with a long-range scope, you will notice a decrease in mobility and effectiveness.

Finally, it’s important to mention that weapons like the AK-47 and the ACR 6.8 greatly benefit from equipping longer range scopes, since their effective range is higher than normal Assault Rifles. The same can be said about the 686 Magnum and the D50 revolver, which are secondary weapons primed for long-range encounters. Ultimately, your choice depends on your playstyle and the game mode you’re playing.

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