Best Sniper Rifles in Warzone: Every Season 6 Sniper Rifle ranked

Warzone 2 player holding up Sniper RifleActivision

Sniper Rifles in Warzone can prove to be an excellent pick when it comes to dominating long-range battles. Here are all the Sniper Rifles in Warzone, ranked from best to worst, as per the latest meta in Season 6.

Call of Duty’s Warzone Season 6 brought plenty of new content into the title, much to the excitement of its fans around the world. The introduction of new weapons, like the ISO 9mm SMG and TR-76 Geist AR, shook up the meta quickly, although we didn’t see a Sniper Rifle brought into the battle royale.

Sniper Rifles remain popular in Call of Duty titles, largely due to their ability to take down opponents at long ranges with just a few shots. This is particularly important on larger maps such as Al Mazrah, but it can also prove advantageous on maps like Ashika Island and Vondel.

So, if you’re looking to carry the best Sniper Rifles in your Warzone matches, here’s a full breakdown of each Sniper available in the game.

Best Warzone Sniper Rifles ranked list

There are a total of seven Sniper Rifles in Warzone. If you’re struggling to figure out which ones are the best, we’ve ranked all of Warzone Season 6’s Sniper Rifles from best to worst:

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  1. MCPR-300
  2. Signal 50
  3. Carrack .300
  4. FJX Imperium (Intervention)
  5. Victus XMR
  6. SP-X 80
  7. LA-B 330

Best Warzone Sniper Rifles

7. LA-B 330

Warzone 2 LA-B 330Activision
The LA-B 330 is a balanced weapon with few weaknesses, but few strengths.

The LA-B 330 is a fairly reliable Sniper in Warzone that is a great balance between long-range and close.

Those comfortable using a Sniper in medium-ranged encounters will definitely enjoy this weapon, especially as it can be built for however you’d like to use it, be it for close-range or long-range sniping.

6. SP-X 80

warzone 2 sp-x 80Activision
The SP-X 80 can kill enemies in two shots in Warzone.

Coming in at rank six, we have the SP-X 80 due to its extremely fast handling and mobility. For quickscoping lovers who are looking for a Sniper that can get shots off quickly, the SP-X 80 is certainly the gun for you.

The main downside to this weapon is its range, which has been improved with Season 6’s buffs. Even so, it hasn’t surpassed its competitors, who continue to be better overall. However, its speed makes it easy to land quick follow-up shots.

5. Victus XMR

warzone 2 modern warfare 2 xmr victusActivision
Warzone’s Vicus XMR boasts impressive handling and range.

The Victus XMR arrived in Warzone’s first season, and it quickly took the weapon category by storm, establishing itself as one of the best Sniper Rifles in the game.

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It has a great balance of handling and damage range. Usually, Snipers with long-range potential in Warzone tend to be on the slower side, but the Victus has great aim down sight speed for a weapon that can take down enemies from crazy ranges.

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4. FJX Imperium (Intervention)

Intervention in Warzone 2Activision
The Intervention quickly became one of the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone.

The return of the iconic Intervention generated plenty of hype within the community and players will be relieved to see it in the list of top three Sniper Rifles in Warzone.

Now called the FJX Imperium, the Intervention strikes the perfect balance between range and mobility. With the right combination of attachments, it has an ADS speed fast enough to cope at mid-range, allowing it to easily down enemies over long distances.

3. Carrack .300

Carrack .300 in Warzone 2 Season 5Activision
The Carrack .300 is based on the WA2000 from MW2 2009.

The Carrack .300 is the latest sniper rifle to join the game and it has shown to be very powerful. Being introduced in Season 5, it’s the second semi-auto sniper in Warzone, alongside the Signal 50.

The main advantage of the Carrack is that it can shoot bullets at a very high speed of more than 1,500 m/s, has a faster fire rate, and can hold 15 rounds in a magazine, making it easy to use.

2. Signal 50

The Signal 50’s excellent fire rate makes it hard to ignore.

The Signal 50 is a great heavy Sniper option in Warzone. This weapon is known for its great fire rate, which can help you land your shots consistently. Despite having been ranked first in previous seasons, it’s incapable of finishing off enemies with a single shot.

However, it still has exceptional damage and range, which can be boosted with the correct attachments, and it’s also not as bad as you would think in terms of handling and mobility for a heavy Sniper.

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1. MCPR-300 – Best Sniper in Warzone

MCPR 300 sniper rifle in modern warfare 2Activision
Warzone players who like heavy Snipers will enjoy using the MCPR-300.

Following several nerfs and buffs introduced with Season 6, the MCPR-300 claims the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone spot. This Sniper is a fan-favorite Warzone heavy Sniper, and it can be used right from the start of the game, no matter what level you are.

It’s designed for long-range combat, and Explosive rounds make it ideal for picking off enemies with a single headshot. It has excellent range and damage, capable of wiping out entire squads with a handful of well-placed shots.

All in all, that’s a wrap on the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone Season 6. For more on Warzone, check out some of our other guides:

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