Best Assault Rifles in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

Liam Mackay
Warzone player using an Assault Rifle

The best Assault Rifles in Warzone dominate the battlefield thanks to their impressive damage, low recoil, and versatility. The Season 4 Reloaded update brought several buffs and nerfs, considerably affecting the category and long-range meta.

Given the wide variety of options, choosing the right one can be difficult, so we ranked all the Assault Rifles from best to worst and counted down the best five picks.

Every Warzone Assault Rifle ranked

  1. SVA 545
  2. MCW
  3. MTZ-556
  4. BAL-27
  5. ISO Hemlock
  6. Holger 556
  7. BP50
  8. RAM-7
  9. Kastov 762
  10. M4
  11. TAQ-56
  12. M13B
  13. STB 556
  14. TR-76 Geist
  15. DG-56
  16. Lachmann-556
  17. Chimera
  18. FR 5.56
  19. FR Avancer
  20. Tempus Razorback
  21. Kastov-74u
  22. Kastov 545
  23. M16
  24. M13C

Rankings explained

5. ISO Hemlock

ISO Hemlock Warzone
The ISO Hemlock continues to be a strong pick.

After receiving no changes in the mid-season update, MW2’s ISO Hemlock continues to be a top AR thanks to its buff back in the Season 4 patch. The gun is an incredibly easy-to-use AR with low recoil and great damage range, which makes it ideal for mid to long ranges within the game.

4. BAL-27

BAL-27 Assault Rifle with Warzone logo
The BAL 27 was previously featured in 2014’s Advanced Warfare.

The fan-favorite Advanced Warfare BAL-27 has taken the fourth-best spot after a small buff in the mid-season patch. Like most of its counterparts, this AR features little to no recoil, high damage and range, and can kill enemies in a few shots with its powerful and consistent bullet velocity.

3. MTZ-556

mw3 mtz-556 with warzone logo
The MTZ-556 is a great all-around AR to use.

Considered MW3’s version of the ISO Hemlock, the MTZ-556 also entered the list, especially after a buff to its bullet velocity, which makes it even stronger across longer distances. This AR is easy to use and boasts a great fire rate perfect for mid-ranges, however, its damage isn’t as great as its counterparts.

2. MCW

MCW Assault Rifle Warzone
The MCW boasts outstanding recoil control.

Veteran players will recognize the MCW because it is MW3’s version of the legendary ACR. Like its original version, this AR has very low recoil and competitive damage. If you are looking for an easy-to-use weapon to dominate medium and long distances, you should definitely give this gun a try.

1. SVA 545 – Best Assault Rifle in Warzone

SVA 545 Warzone
The SVA 545 is the new most popular Assault Rifle.

After receiving no balance changes, the SVA 545 continues to be an impressively accurate AR, enabling you to shred your enemies in quick succession. Given its impressive damage profile and minimal recoil, this AR took over the meta in Urzikstan and Resurgence.

It’s been my favorite option thanks to its low recoil, which makes it easy to use for any player in the game, and has excellent damage output, which sets it apart from other ARs.

On top of using the best weapons, make sure you also have the best settings, including controller, audio, and FOV to dominate the battle royale and level up easily.

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