Does The Finals have cross-progression?

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Wondering if The Finals account progression and inventory will carry over on different platforms? Here’s everything we know about cross-progression in The Finals.

The Finals is Embark Studio’s impressive new FPS that features a lot of content. The free-to-play FPS features three Contestant builds, Light, Medium, and Heavy, which all offer unique weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations.

As well as unlocking rewards in the Battle Pass, progressing your level and playing matches will earn you a currency called VRs, which is used to unlock new items in the Equipment section of the game.

As you gain more and more experience, you’ll be able to widen your inventory and options for every build in The Finals. That said, those looking to switch platforms may be wondering if they can keep this progression. So, here’s whether or not The Finals features cross-progression.

Is there cross-progression in The Finals?

The answer is yes, The Finals does feature cross-progression. You are required to create your own Embark account no matter what platform you play The Finals on, so as long as you use the same Embark ID, your progression will span across all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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You can continue to unlock Battle Pass content in The Finals thanks to cross-progression.

You will be required to connect your PlayStation or Xbox account to your Embark ID if you’re coming from PC, but once that’s done, you will be able to switch back and forth freely.

This is a highly requested feature for many multiplayer games, so it’s quite impressive to see it included in The Finals at launch. The Finals also features crossplay, allowing you to squad up and play against people on all platforms.

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