The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass: Price, skins & rewards

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The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass skin unlock

The Finals Season 2 is here and much like the previous season, there’s a new Battle Pass for you to grind. So if you’re wondering about the skins in The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass, here are all the 96 unlockable rewards and more.

Following a successful launch, The Finals is seeing its Season 2 play out now, introducing new weapons, Gadgets, and balance changes, alongside a brand-new Battle Pass for everyone to enjoy.

While you need to pay for the Premium Battle Pass to stand a chance to unlock 96 rewards, you can also unlock a few free rewards if you opt out of the Premium one.

That said, here are all The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass rewards, including weapon skins, Outfits, and more.

The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass start and end dates

The Finals Season 2 started on March 14 and will end on June 12, 2024, confirmed by the remaining days for it in-game. The Battle Pass will be active for 90 days, which should allow you to get all the rewards it has to offer.

The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass price

The Finals Season 2 Premium Battle Pass costs 1150 Multibucks or $9.99/€9.99/£7.99 while the Premium Battle Pass with instant 20 Levels unlock costs 2400 Multibucks or $19.99/€19.99/£15.99.

The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass details

There are a total of 96 Levels in The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass with each having an exclusive reward. Out of these, 27 can be earned for free, while for the remaining 69 rewards, you’ll have to purchase the premium variant.

To rank up the Battle Pass, simply play the game, earn XP, and complete challenges, which are known as Contracts in The Finals. These Contracts include daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges. By completing these, you will make your way through the Battle Pass faster.

The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass purchase screen
You can instantly unlock 20 Levels by getting the Premium Battle Pass for 2400 Multibucks.

All The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass rewards

Here are all the rewards in The Finals Season 2 Battle Pass:

LevelRewardReward Type
1Vaporwave Specs (Facewear)Premium
2Sundown Sizzle (M11 skin)Premium
3Twilight Sunkiss (Sticker)Free
4Sundown Sizzle (Lewis Gun skin)Premium
5Diurnal Reverb (Weapon Charm)Premium
676 MultibucksFree
7Ammo Audit (FCAR Animation)Premium
8Sundown Sizzle (FCAR skin)Free
9Knockout Omen (Emoticon)Premium
1075 MultibucksPremium
11Function Flip (Pyro Grenade Animation)Free
1275 MultibucksPremium
13Masterclass JacketPremium
14Come Here (Gesture)Free
15Tornado Warning (Emote)Premium
16Combo Calculator (Outfit)Premium
17Typo Tantrum (Weapon Charm)Premium
1875 MultibucksPremium
19Modem Melody (Sound)Free
20Temporal Loader (Emoticon)Premium
21Ammo Audit (M11 Animation)Premium
2275 MultibucksFree
23Keyed Up (Emote)Premium
24Cartridge Gunner (M11 skin)Premium
25Broadcast HoodiePremium
26Calibration Clash (Frag Grenade skin)Premium
2775 MultibucksPremium
28Anaglyph Diff (Sticker)Free
29Color-Bar Wraps (Wrist band)Premium
3075 MultibucksPremium
31Frequency Player (Spray)Free
32Small Screen (Charm)Premium
33Bubblegum Blast (Frag Grenade skin)Premium
3475 MultibucksPremium
35Peace Out (Gesture)Free
36Press Start (Sound)Premium
3775 MultibucksPremium
38ORF! (Sticker)Free
39One-Way Pager (Weapon Charm)Premium
40Colorfast Casual (Outfit)Premium
41Goblin’ Up Fate (Sticker)Premium
42Saving Throw (Weapon Charm)Premium
43Smashed SpecsFree
4475 MultibucksPremium
46Collectible Clash (Emote)Premium
4775 MultibucksFree
48Crit Writer (Dagger skin)Premium
49Reset Routine (Sticker)Free
50Chromium Futura (CL-40 skin)Premium
5175 MultibucksPremium
52Shimmer GlovesPremium
53Chromium Futura (RPG-7 skin)Premium
5475 MultibucksFree
55Chromium Futura (SH1900 skin)Premium
56Metallic Zip-UpPremium
57Ampere Artisan (Emote)Free
5875 MultibucksPremium
59Jolt to a Start (Emote)Premium
60DIY Dynamo (Defibrillator skin)Premium
61Workbench Symphony (Sound)Premium
6275 MultibucksPremium
63Waveform Watcher (Weapon Charm)Free
64Max Viewing (Outfit)Premium
65Efficiency Agenda (Spray)Free
6675 MultibucksPremium
67Reasonable Facsimile (Weapon Charm)Premium
68Surveillance LensesPremium
69Scotty’s To-Do ListFree
7075 MultibucksPremium
71Coffee Break (Gesture)Premium
72Run with Scissors (Throwing Knives skin)Premium
73Glitch Adherent (Sticker)Free
74Wave Interference (93R skin)Premium
7575 MultibucksPremium
76Wave Interference (Riot Shield skin)Premium
77Ammo Audit (FAMAS Animation)Free
78Wave Interference (KS-23 skin)Premium
79Holo-Fame (Weapon Charm)Free
80Wave Interference (FAMAS skin)Premium
81Coin of the Realm (Emoticon)Free
8275 MultibucksPremium
83Pixel Pulse (Weapon Charm)Premium
84Retro Restorative (Sticker)Premium
8575 MultibucksPremium
86Level Up (Sound)Free
87Disc Of Dipute SprayPremium
888-Bit Blade (Sword skin)Premium
89CNS Tag (Sticker)Premium
90CNS Bulletin (Spray)Premium
9175 MultibucksFree
92Gimme Five (Emote)Premium
93Vector Collector (Weapon Charm)Premium
94CNS Communique (Sound)Premium
95Tempus Erratum (Watch)Free
96Ariad, CNS (Outfit)Premium
The Finals Season 2 Battle pass Level 96 skin
Ariad, CNS Outfit unlocks at level 96.

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