Best Heavy build in The Finals: Weapon, Specialization & Gadgets

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the heavy build contestant in The Finals

The Heavy class in The Finals is the tank of the squad, so you should bring the best build into matches to support your team. Here are the best weapons, Gadgets, and Specialization to use for the Heavy Contestant build in The Finals.

Launched during The Game Awards 2023, The Finals is an exciting new FPS game by Embark Studios that overtook Modern Warfare 3’s player count. The game lets you choose between three unique builds, out of which the Heavy build is the one to go for if you prefer bigger weapons.

Choosing this build also ensures a high survival rate but it comes with the cost of reduced movement speed. While this might not sound good, the Heavy build allows you to choose some of the best high-damage dealing weapons in the game.

For those looking to utilize the Heavy build, here’s our best loadout for the Heavy Contestant, including the best weapon, Gadgets, and Specialization to use.

Best Heavy build setup in The Finals

  • Weapon: Lewis Gun
  • Gadgets: RPG-7, Barricade, & C4
  • Specialization: Mesh Shield
The Lewis Gun in The Finals.
The Lewis Gun in The Finals is perfect for better aim with the Heavy Contestant.

Best Heavy build weapon in The Finals

The best weapon for a Heavy build in The Finals is the Lewis Gun, as it’s fully automatic like the M60 but has less bullet spread and better range.

You can use the Lewis Gun to put immense pressure from medium and short distances on enemy teams, and while the reload time is long, your Barricade can help to protect you while you do so.

The Flamethrower is a popular option, but it lacks range. That said, you can always pick a close-range option like the Sledgehammer or Flamethrower in your Reserve.

Best Gadgets for Heavy build in The Finals

  • RPG-7
  • Barricade
  • C4

As for the best Heavy build Gadgets in The Finals, the RPG-7 is extremely useful for blowing portions of buildings up and doing big damage to clusters of enemies. However, be careful, as you can end up doing a lot of damage to your teammates if you’re not communicating.

The Barricade is a great pick for a defense Gadget, as it can be placed to protect you and your teammates when you’re in need. The Dome Shield is another great alternative, so whichever you prefer will be perfect for reviving and protecting teammates who are trying to get the objective done.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with C4, as it can be placed in areas and then detonated for huge damage when the opportunity arises.

A person with a gun in The Finals
Embark Studios’ The Finals requires teamwork for success.

Best Heavy Specialization in The Finals

Lastly, for the best Heavy build Specialization in The Finals, we recommend the Mesh Shield, which is similar to Reinhardt’s Barrier Field in Overwatch.

This Specialization provides you and your teammates with great protection when you need it, turning you into a powerful support player as you prevent teams from pushing and stealing your cash.

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