Best Light build in The Finals: Weapons, Gadgets & Specialization

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light build contestant in the finals

Out of all three builds in The Finals, the Light build is known to be fast but with the right setup, it can also be lethal. So here are the recommended weapons, Gadgets, and Specialization for the Light build in The Finals.

The Finals, Embark Studios’ free-to-play FPS game features a unique game mode in which you must collect cash to win. This makes choosing the right Contestants as well as their equipment a must to perform better.

There are three different builds and a roster of weapons to choose from. If you are someone who likes to play fast and rush things, then the Light build might be the one for you.

On that note, here are the best weapons, Gadgets, and Specialization for the best Light build in The Finals.

Best Light build setup in The Finals

  • Weapon: MW11
  • Gadgets: Breaching Charge, Pyro Grenade & Glitch Grenade
  • Specialization: Evasive Dash
M11 in The Finals.
The Light build is great for those who like staying on the move.

Best Light build weapon in The Finals

The best weapon for Light builds in The Finals is the M11, as this pistol machine gun packs a punch when used at medium and close range.

This build is specialized in the Light class hit-and-run playstyle, and this pistol is perfect for close-up Cashout battles. What it lacks in range, it excels in fire rate, so don’t be afraid of holding the fire button when in close range.

Best Gadgets for Light in The Finals

  • Beaching Charge
  • Pyro Grenade
  • Glitch Grenade

When it comes to the best Gadgets for Light builds in The Finals, the Breaching Charge is perfect for breaking down walls and ceilings to get to objectives and either steal a Cashout or stop enemies from getting one off.

The Pyro Grenade causes absolute havoc when thrown in the right place, as it will burn enemies on impact, but be careful, as the fire will harm you and your team. Lastly, the Glitch Grenade is a strong pick for a team trying to disable the enemy’s Gadgets and Specializations.

Best Light Specialization in The Finals

As for Specialization, we recommend the Evasive Dash for the best Light build in The Finals. While many would usually opt for the more mobility-focused abilities such as Grappling Hook and Cloaking Device, the Evasive Dash is perfect for getting in and out of Cashout situations unharmed.

But if you want to stick to the Cloaking Device, then using the SH1900 shotgun instead of the M11 is a better choice as it can help you get closer to the enemies without getting spotted and take them down quickly.

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