Best weapons in The Finals: Every gun ranked

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You need to run the meta loadouts in The Finals to secure wins, in Tournament as well as casual modes. This becomes a lot easier if you know which weapons are the best in The Finals, so here’s a ranked list of all the weapons in Season 1.

The Finals has become extremely popular in a matter of days as it’s one of the most played games on Steam. This new free-to-play shooter drops teams onto a destructible battlefield, as players try to collect as much money as possible before banking at a Cashout point.

While picking the build will significantly determine your playstyle, using the weapons in meta will provide you the edge over your opponents. Each build, Light, Medium, or Heavy, has a set of weapons available to unlock and equip in your loadout.

So, if you’re wondering which guns you should use, here are the best weapons in The Finals, including a countdown to the top five weapons in Season 1.

A person posing with The Finals written behind in wall
The Finals is a brand-new FPS title.

Best The Finals weapons: Ranked list

There are 21 different weapons available in The Finals, with nine weapon options for the Light builds, and six weapons each for Medium and Heavy builds. Here’s every The Finals weapon ranked from worst to best:

  1. SA1216
  2. FCAR
  3. SH1900
  4. AKM
  5. XP-54
  6. SR-84
  7. LH1
  8. V9S
  9. R .357
  10. Lewis Gun
  11. M60
  12. MGL32
  13. Model 1887
  14. M11
  15. Sledgehammer
  16. Flamethrower
  17. CL-40
  18. Riot Shield
  19. Dagger
  20. Sword
  21. Throwing Knives

Keep in mind that our ranked list is based on the popular meta among high-level players and might differ from your list.

The Finals best weapons in Season 1

5. XP-54 – Best overall weapon for Light builds

Xp-54 in The Finals
Looking for an SMG? The XP-54 should be your go-to.

If you want to play aggressively in The Finals, you can’t go wrong with XP-54 found in the Light class. This fast-firing SMG, which looks and feels like the classic MP5, is a force to be reckoned with in close to medium-range combat.

Its blistering fire rate can lay waste to an enemy’s health bar in the blink of an eye, especially if you use the Light build’s extra mobility to get the drop on them. All in all, this is one of the ideal weapons to clear out small rooms in The Finals.

4. AKM

AKM in The Finals
The AKM is a versatile weapon for Medium players in The Finals.

Although the other choices on this list all thrive in their own situations, the AKM is one of the most versatile weapons in The Finals. Based on the classic AK-47, this Assault Rifle can more than hold its own at all ranges, boasting a great damage output and ammo capacity.

For Medium players who want to control the map and rack up plenty of kills in the process, the AKM is perfect for holding buildings and picking off anyone who dares to try and steal your cash.

3. SH1900 – Best weapon for Light builds

The SH1900 shotgun for Light builds in The Finals
SH1900 is compact but packs a heavy punch.

The SH1900 is the best gun for Light builds, and can easily take up either of the top spots left in our ranked list. SH1900 is a shotgun, similar to the Shorty in Valorant in both design and function and allows you to two-shot Light and Medium builds up close.

While the primary drawback of any shotgun is its limited range, what makes the weapon the best pick for Light players is its ability to go invisible, using the Cloaking Device. Whether you’re looking to camp the Cashouts, or simply waiting for an enemy to revive their teammates, the SH1900 will allow you to lay waste to enemies in quick success, without too big of an effort.

2. FCAR – Best weapon for Medium builds

FCAR in The Finals for medium builds
The FCAR is a reliable weapon for Medium builds in The Finals.

FCAR takes up the second spot in our best weapons for The Finals Season 1 list and is arguably the top gun to use for Medium builds. It might be controversial among many in the community, especially among those who prefer the AKM, but with some practice, you’ll find FCAR to be the optimal choice.

While the FCAR has almost half the magazine capacity as compared to the AKM, the weapon has a better recoil, cleaner ADS, and higher damage per bullet. All in all, the FCAR will allow you to shoot with precision across all ranges and is being by a majority of Medium mains in the community.

1. SA1216 – Best weapon in The Finals (Heavy builds)

SA1216 Heavy Shotgun in The Finals
SA1216 is one of the most powerful weapons in The Finals Season 1.

The SA1216 is an automatic shotgun for Heavy builds, taking the top spot in our ranked list for best guns in The Finals. While shotguns are limited in range, you won’t have this problem with SA1216 in your hands, allowing you to deal incredible damage in medium ranges as well.

The SA1216 decimates Lights and mediums and can finish off Heavies with just a few shots. Naturally, if you’re in proximity of multiple enemies, you can mow them down without breaking a sweat, using this shotgun.

The gun is also one of the easiest to use, and with its capability to dish out impressive damage, it might receive a nerf soon.

Those were our picks for the best weapons in The Finals Season 1. We’ll be sure to update this page with the latest rankings as Embark makes new changes to The Finals meta.

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