Best Medium build in The Finals: Weapons, Gadgets & Specialization

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The Finals Medium character holding Assault Rifle

The Finals gives players three options when it comes to classes, and Medium is ideal for those who want a balanced experience. Before you take to the battlefield, here’s the best Medium build in The Finals, covering everything from weapons and Gadgets to Specialization.

The Finals went live in early December thanks to a surprise drop from Embark Studios during The Game Awards. After a successful beta period, the free-to-play title has opened its doors to all players while shattering Warzone’s player count.

When you first drop into The Finals, you are presented with three different classes and Medium is the go-to for anyone who wants an all-round build. Unlike the Heavy and Light options, this class offers a ton of versatility and can be an asset when both attacking and defending.

Here’s the best Medium class build for The Finals.

Best Medium build in The Finals

  • Weapon: AKM
  • Gadgets: Defibrillator, Jump Pad, Gas Mines
  • Specialization: Healing Beam or Guardian Turret
The Finals Medium class menu
The Medium class is the most balanced in The Finals.

Best Medium weapon in The Finals

The AKM is the best weapon for a Medium build in The Finals, as it’s among the most balanced weapons available in the class. While its damage output is similar to the FCAR, it has an edge in capacity.

This makes it ideal for mid-range fights and dealing with Light players trying to close the gap on you. Just remember to make every shot count. While other options pack a greater punch, the AKM should see you through almost any situation, which is essential when running a Medium class.

Best Medium Gadgets in The Finals

  • Defibrillator
  • Jump Pad
  • Gas Mines

When it comes to Gadgets, the Defibrillator is essential for a Medium build in The Finals. With this handy device, players can revive fallen teammates to help withstand enemy pressure and avoid the extended team wipe timer.

Next up, the Jump Pad can be thrown around the map to help you and your team get around quickly. They can also be used to access rooftops, giving you a better vantage point to pick off enemies or breach down into a building containing cash.

Finally, Gas Mines come into play towards the end of the match when you’re looking to bank your money and cash out, but other teams are looking to steal it. By placing these around the cashout point, you can slow down rival players by hitting them with toxic gas that constantly drains their health.

the finals logo on a rocket
The Finals is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series XIS.

Best Medium Specialization in The Finals

The Healing Beam is the best Medium class Specialization in The Finals. This skill lets you quickly heal a fellow teammate, which is vital for keeping your squad alive during frantic firefights.

The Guardian Turret is a sound alternative as it offers plenty of advantages when it comes to spotting and defeating enemies. This Specialization lets you deploy an AI-controlled assault rifle to assist during battles.

That was everything you need to know to build the best Medium class in The Finals. For more on The Finals, check out our other guides:

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