Does The Finals have SBMM? Skill-based matchmaking explained

Nathan Warby
The Finals characters jumping over barrels

The Finals is here and players have wasted no time dropping into matches, but is the controversial skill-based matchmaking affecting the lobbies? Here’s everything we know about SBMM in The Finals.

After months of hype and successful betas, The Finals has finally arrived on both console and PC. Embark Studios’ chaotic FPS drops players into a virtual game show, where they can create unique contestants to defeat enemies and rack up the most cash.

But with so many different builds and weapons to master, newer players might be worried about coming up against more experienced players in sweaty lobbies. Many games use the controversial SBMM feature to level the playing field, so does The Finals do the same?

Here’s everything we know about whether The Finals has SBMM.

Is there SBMM in The Finals?

Embark Studios haven’t confirmed if The Finals uses SBMM or not, but the general feeling among players is that the feature is in the game. Since its full launch, many fans have taken to the official Discord to report that skill-based matchmaking seems to be helping decide which lobbies they are placed in, even in Quickplay.

The Finals characters being showered with coins
The Finals was stealth launched during The Game Awards.

Plenty claimed to have been put into matches against tougher opponents after they won multiple games on the bounce, earning a high score in the process. It’s widely thought that The Finals beta didn’t feature SBMM aside from Ranked Tournaments, but it appears that it may have been added to regular matches with the full release.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that nothing has been officially confirmed and this is all based on player reports, so we’ll be sure to update this section once an official announcement is made.

What is SBMM in The Finals?

Skill-based matchmaking in The Finals is a system that aims to create lobbies full of evenly matched players. While the exact details of the feature are vague, it’s expected to use stats like K/D ratio, wins, score per minute, and more to pit squads of a similar skill level against each other.

Plenty of FPS games use SBMM, with Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone being some of the most notorious. The system is extremely controversial among players, which is why games like XDefiant have decided to leave the feature out.

Casual players often argue that SBMM makes games like The Finals more accessible to them, even if they don’t have the time to fully master it. On the other hand, higher-skill players often feel that it punishes them for performing well by giving them more difficult lobbies.

So, while it’s still unclear if The Finals does include skill-based matchmaking at launch, it’s likely to be a hot topic in the weeks and months to come.

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