The Finals: How to counter Gas, Fire & Goo

Joseph Pascoulis
the finals character holding weapon up while on fire

The Finals features some powerful equipment that can take enemies out with ease, but if you find yourself struggling to deal with Gas, Fire, and Goo, luckily, there is a way to counter them all.

The Finals is taking the shooter genre by storm, as players continue to hop onto Embark Studio’s brand-new multiplayer FPS title.

You can choose from three differing Contestant builds all with unique weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations that you can use to develop whichever playstyle you want. One thing you can bank on encountering in a match is either Fire, Gas, or Goo.

These elements can seriously affect gameplay, either aiding or hindering your progress to cashing out. Luckily, there is a way to counter all three of these elements, so here’s everything you need to know about putting out Fire, Gas, and destroying Goo.

The Finals players running down street
Fire is a strong way to prevent enemies from a push in The Finals, but it can be countered.

How to put out Fire in The Finals

To put out Fire in The Finals, you’ll need to use smoke. You can use a Smoke Grenade or even one of the grey smoke canisters that you can find on the map. Simply through a Smoke Grenade into the fire and make sure it comes into contact with the Fire and it will put the flames out.

How to remove Gas in The Finals

To get rid of Gas in The Finals, all you need to do is ignite it with fire. This can be done with a Pyro Grenade, Flamethrower, Pyro Mine, Flammable barrels, and anything else with the potential to spark fire.

Once the fire meets the gas, you will see a large explosion which ultimately expels the gas.

How to destroy Goo in The Finals

The best way to destroy Goo in The Finals is with fire, so using any of the items mentioned in the removing Gas section will also work effectively for Goo. That said, dealing damage to Goo will also remove it.

Well, there you have it, that’s how you can counter Fire, Gas, and Goo in The Finals. For more guides on the game, check out:

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