How to get Excadrill in Pokemon Go: Best moveset for PvP & PvE, can it be shiny, more

Niladri Sarkar
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Excadrill is one of the best Pokemon Go picks for battles, so here’s how to get it, its best PvP and PvE moveset, shiny odds, and more.

The fan-favorite Excadrill is a phenomenal addition to Pokemon Go, thanks to its Ground/Steel type combination, which makes it great at offense and defense in Pokemon battles.

If you’re eager to add this Gen 5 icon to your team, here’s all you need to know to get Excadrill in Pokemon Go, along with its shiny chances and recommended moveset for PvP and PvE.

How to get Excadrill in Pokemon Go

Here’s how you can get Excadrill in Pokemon Go:

  • By catching it in the wild.
  • By catching a Drilbur and evolving it with 50 Candy.

While Excadrill is a rare wild spawn, you can find Drilbur more easily, especially during Sunny/Clear in-game weather.

You’ll be glad to know that Drilbur can hatch from 2km Eggs and is a reward for completing the ‘Explore 2km’ Field Research task in the ongoing Sustainability Week 2024 event, running until Friday, April 26, 2024, at 8 PM local time.

Be sure to use a Pinap or Silver Pinap Berry if you find a wild Drilbur to earn bonus Candy and get Excadrill quickly.

Can Excadrill be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, you can get a shiny Excadrill in Pokemon Go by getting a shiny Drilbur and evolving it.

The odds of finding a shiny Drilbur in the wild is 1 in 634 encounters. That said, you have an increased chance of hatching shiny Drilbur from 2km Eggs collected during the Sustainability Week 2024 event, that kicked off on Monday, April 22, 2024, at 10 AM local time.

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Excadrill’s stats in Pokemon Go are 255 Attack, 129 Defense, and 242 HP.

Best Excadrill Pokemon Go moveset for PvP

The best PvP moveset for Excadrill in Pokemon Go is Mud Shot combined with Drill Run and Rock Slide.

Mud Shot is one of the best Fast Moves in PvP, boasting incredible energy gains to help it use its Charged Moves in no time. Both Drill Run and Rock Slide require 45 energy, so you’re free to use either based on the matchup.

Drill Run is a powerful Ground-type move that gets STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and Excadrill should use it to eliminate Steel-type threats like Metagross, Zacian, Melmetal, as well as powerful opponents like Groudon, Kyogre, Garchomp, and Mewtwo. For Flying-types like Dragonite, Gyarados, Lugia, and Togekiss, Rock Slide is the way to go.

With such a wide coverage, Excadrill can easily fit into teams and I’ve always found it super reliable, even in high-ranked battles.

Best Excadrill Pokemon Go moveset for PvE

The best PvE moveset for Excadrill in Pokemon Go is Mud-Slap paired with Scorching Sands.

Mud-Slap is the hardest-hitting Ground type Fast Move and syncs very well with Scorching Sands, a two-bar charged move with 95 base damage. Complemented with numerous resistances, Excadrill is one of the best Ground-type attackers in Pokemon Go Raids.

How good is Excadrill in Pokemon Go?

Excadrill is excellent in Pokemon Go, particularly in the Master League and against Raid bosses weak to Ground-type moves.

Its high Attack stat and an amazing variety of moves make this Pokemon extremely flexible in battles, rocking great damage output and getting impressive coverage against some of the best picks in the meta.

Complete Excadrill Pokemon Go moveset

Here are all the moves that Excadrill can learn in Pokemon Go:

Excadrill Pokemon Go Fast Moves

  • Mud Shot (Ground)
  • Mud-Slap (Ground)
  • Metal Claw (Steel)

Excadrill Pokemon Go Charged Moves

  • Drill Run (Ground)
  • Scorching Sands (Ground)
  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Iron Head (Steel)
  • Rock Slide (Rock)

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