All Ground-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

Four Ground-type Pokemon in a Scarlet and Violet background

Ground-type Pokemon are sometimes hard to decipher so we’ll cover everything there’s to know about their weaknesses and resistances to defeat them without much trouble.

Ground-type Pokemon have been in the franchise since the beginning, but unlike other original types, their weaknesses aren’t easy to figure out. Unprepared trainers might be in trouble if they confuse it with any other type, so it’s better to study just a little bit before facing one head-on.

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We’ll cover everything there is to know about Ground-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances, and immunities to defeat them in battle.

What are Ground-type Pokemon

Ground-type Pokemon don’t have a distinguishing feature, although many of them have a lot of brown in their designs. Some of them resemble reptiles and real-life creatures found in the desert as well.

Thanks to its type effectiveness and its resistances, any type that’s paired with Ground will cover some weaknesses in battle. The only type that hasn’t been paired with Ground yet is Fairy.

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In mainline games, Ground-type Pokemon are usually found in areas with sandstorms. Ground-type Pokemon are immune to the damage from sandstorms, same as Rock types.

Digglet is one of the most popular Ground-type Pokemon in the franchise.

All Ground-type Pokemon weaknesses

Ground-type Pokemon are weak to Water, Grass, and Ice-type moves. You can rely on those categories, but be mindful that a lot of Ground-type Pokemon are dual types.

Ground-type attacks aren’t very effective against Bug and Grass-type Pokemon, so Grass types sound like the best option here.

It’s also useful to know that Ground-type moves don’t affect Flying-type Pokemon or any Pokemon with the Levitate Ability or the Air Ballon held item. The moves Telekinesis and Magnet Rise also make Pokemon levitate to stay away from Ground-type attacks.

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All Ground-type Pokemon resistances

Ground-type Pokemon are resistant to Poison and Rock-type moves and they’re also immune to Electric-type attacks. In fact, Ground types are super-effective against Electric, Fire, Poison, Steel, and Rock-type attacks, so you should avoid those categories altogether.

Be mindful that many Ground-types are dual types that can resist different attacks than pure types. Grass-type Pokemon are usually the safest bet, but facing a Ground-type with a dual-type Pokemon is also a good approach.

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