Best Elite Fast TMs in Pokemon Go: Top moves to upgrade

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Elite Fast TMs are one of the most important items in Pokemon Go, but they’re also difficult to get. You must use them with care by knowing which moves are the strongest to teach your Pokemon. Here are the best Elite Fast TMs in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go offers its players a competitive battling experience with PvP and PvE. The performance of Pokemon in these battles depends heavily on their moveset, and TMs allow players to assign specific moves to their Pokemon.

Some of the best moves that a Pokemon can use are Legacy Moves, which they can learn only through special events or Community Days. Most players aren’t sure which Legacy Fast Moves are the best in the game and how they can teach these moves to their strongest Pokemon.

Here are the best Elite Fast TM options in Pokemon Go, including the best species and the ideal moves to pick.

What are Elite Fast TMs in Pokemon Go?

Elite Fast TMs in Pokemon Go let you select the best Fast Move you want for your Pokemon, unlike standard Fast TMs, which randomly shuffle your Pokemon’s Fast Move. You can change an old Fast Move to a preferred Fast Move by using this item.

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The biggest perk of an Elite Fast TM is its ability to assign Legacy Fast Moves that are no longer accessible to a Pokemon naturally. Players who missed out on Pokemon Go events like a Community Day can get Legacy Moves by using Elite Fast TMs and Elite Charged TMs.

Also, to ensure the best performance of a Pokemon in the Go Battle League or Raid Battles, many species need a specific Fast Move. This makes Elite Fast TMs one of the most sought-after items in Pokemon Go.

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By tapping on the battle screen, you can use Fast Moves to generate energy for Charged Moves.

How to get Elite Fast TMs in Pokemon Go

You can obtain an Elite Fast TM in Pokemon Go by securing Rank 19 in the Go Battle League, where it is a guaranteed reward. They also appear in Community Day event boxes, so be sure to stay up to date with the latest in-game Shop boxes.

Sometimes, you can also find an Elite Fast TM through Special Research as a reward. So be on the lookout for such special events.

As they are extremely rare in Pokemon Go, you should use your Elite Fast TMs carefully without wasting any of them.

Pokemon Go best Fast Moves for Elite Fast TMs

Here are the best Pokemon Go picks for teaching Fast Moves by using an Elite Fast TM:

  • Ice Shard – Dewgong
  • Ice Shard – Lapras
  • Thunder Shock – Zapdos
  • Incinerate – Talonflame
  • Volt Switch – Raikou/Shadow Raikou
  • Smack Down – Tyranitar
  • Bullet Seed – Roserade
  • Lick – Gengar
  • Gust – Pidgeot
  • Powder Snow – Walrein
  • Zen Headbutt – Metagross
  • Dragon Breath – Charizard
  • Wing Attack – Charizard
  • Ember – Ninetales
  • Counter – Poliwrath

Players should note the exclusive nature of some of these Fast Moves. Certain moves are exclusive to Community Day events, indicating a possibility of their reappearance, while others, like Gengar’s Lick, were limited to special events, which will not reappear.

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That’s all you need to know about the best Elite Fast TMs in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go content, be sure to check out our other guides:

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