How to get Typhlosion in Pokemon Go

Niladri Sarkar
typhlosion with pokemon go background

Typhlosion is one of the most coveted starters in Pokemon Go. With a variety of moves in its arsenal and impressive stats, it is a powerful force in Raids and the Go Battle League.

If you want to add this Fire-type Pokemon to your team, here’s how to get it, along with its shiny odds and recommended moves for PvP and PvE.

How to catch Typhlosion in Pokemon Go

  • Catch it in the wild.
  • Evolve a Quilava with 100 Candy.
  • Evolve a Cyndaquil to Quilava with 25 Candy, and then into a Typhlosion.

All three species are rare finds, but you’re more likely to find them during Sunny or Clear weather in Pokemon Go.

Can Typhlosion be shiny?

Yes, shiny Typhlosion is available and you can get it by evolving a shiny Cyndaquil.

The chances of finding a shiny Cyndaquil are 1 in 512 encounters. Remember that the shinies of Quilava and Typhlosion aren’t available as wild spawns, so evolution is the only way to get them.

typhlosion in the pokemon anime
Typhlosion’s stats in Pokemon Go are 223 Attack, 173 Defense, and 186 HP.

Best PvP moveset

The best PvP moveset for Typhlosion is Shadow Claw with Blast Burn and Thunder Punch.

Shadow Claw is one of the best Fast Moves in the PvP meta, thanks to its excellent neutral coverage and quick energy gains.

If you’re using Typhlosion in the first half of the battle, using Thunder Punch is a great way to bait shields. and also take on the various Water-type threats that it is weak to.

Thunder Punch was added to Typhlosion’s movepool during the Shared Skies Season update and this made it a top choice in several PvP tournaments that pick qualifiers for the 2024 Pokemon World Championships to be held in August. So using it well can earn you several wins and you can take advantage of the fact that most trainers aren’t used to facing this upgraded monster.

Blast Burn is its go-to move for nuking opponents and gains STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), making it ideal as a closer, when shields are down. This move is so powerful, that its damage to opponents that resist it is also quite high.

Best PvE moveset

The best PvE moveset for Typhlosion is Incinerate paired with Blast Burn.

Incinerate is one of the hardest-hitting Fast Moves in the game, syncing well with the devastatingly powerful Blast Burn to tear down Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel-type Raid Bosses.

Note that Typhlosion has the exact same stats as the iconic Charizard, so the latter is a bit better against Bug and Grass-type targets, since it also has the Flying type added, making it resist these two Pokemon types.

Complete Typhlosion Pokemon Go moveset

Here are all the moves that Typhlosion can learn:

Fast Moves

  • Incinerate (Fire)
  • Ember (Fire)
  • Shadow Claw (Ghost)

Charged Moves

  • Blast Burn* (Fire)
  • Overheat (Fire)
  • Fire Blast (Fire)
  • Solar Beam (Grass)
  • Thunder Punch (Electric)

Blast Burn can be taught to Typhlosion only with an Elite Charged TM. It’s worth adding this move as it helps turn this Pokemon into a formidable threat in battles.

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