Best Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go: Top moves to upgrade

Pokemon Go Elite Charged TMNiantic

Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go are great for diversifying the Charged Move of your best Pokemon. After getting your hands on one, it’s important to know which move to assign to your top Pokemon, so here are the best Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go.

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player and you’ve scored an Elite Charged TM, you’re probably on cloud nine right now. These rare tools allow you to custom-select the Charged Move your top-performing Pokemon will learn.

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However, using them optimally can be quite a puzzle. This article breaks down the optimal usage of Elite Charged TMs, covering the prime candidates and the ideal moves to pick.

What are Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go?

Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go hand you the power to select the precise attack you want, unlike standard Charged TMs, which randomly shuffle your Pokemon’s Charged Move.

Another key advantage is that they enable you to assign moves that are no longer accessible, such as Legacy Moves and Community Day-exclusive Moves – often the most powerful moves a Pokemon can learn.

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To maximize their performance in the Go Battle League, many high-tier Pokemon need a specific Charged Move, typically locked behind special events or Community Days. This makes Elite Charged TMs a must-have in Pokemon Go.

Charizard and Pikachu in Pokemon Go SpainNiantic
Elite Charged TMs can take your best Pokemon to the next level.

How to get Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon Go

The primary method of securing an Elite Charged TM in Pokemon Go is to hit Rank 19 in the Go Battle League, where it is a guaranteed reward. You may also occasionally find them in Community Day event boxes.

Given their extreme rarity, it’s vital to deploy your Elite Charged TMs wisely. Pokemon Go doesn’t hand them out like candy, making each use all the more important.

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Pokemon Go best Charged Moves

Our top picks for Charged Moves using an Elite Charged TM are:

  • Rock Wrecker – Rhyperior
  • Psytrike – Mewtwo
  • Zap Cannon – Registeel
  • Sky Attack – Moltres
  • Meteor Mash – Metagross
  • Shadow Punch – Gengar
  • Fire Punch – Groudon
  • Hydro Cannon – Swampert
  • Stone Edge – Blaziken
  • Frenzy Plant – Venusaur
  • Body Slam – Lickitung
  • Icicle Spear – Walrein
  • Sacred Fire – Ho-Oh
  • Blast Burn – Charizard

Mewtwo, armed with Psystrike, is the absolute go-to. When coupled with Psychic as a Fast Move, it becomes a formidable competitor across PvE and the Go Battle League.

Also, keep in mind the exclusive nature of some of these moves. Certain moves are specific to Community Day events, indicating a possibility of their reappearance, while others, like Groudon’s Fire Punch, were limited to special events, which will not reappear.

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