How to get Garbodor in Pokemon Go: Best moveset for PvP & PvE, can it be shiny, more

Lucas Simons
Garbodor in Pokemon Go

Garbodor is a pure Poison-type species in Pokemon Go, but is it any good in PvP or PvE? Here’s what you need to know about its stats, moveset, shiny availability, and more.

Pokemon Go has a bulky catalog of Pokemon species to choose from, and Garbodor is one of the few singular Poison types in the game. That makes its strengths and weaknesses easy to define, alongside its viability in battles.

Here’s all you need to know about Garbodor in Pokemon Go, including the best moveset for PvP and PvE and how to get it.


How to get Garbodor in Pokemon Go

You can get Garbodor in Pokemon Go by catching it in the wild or evolving Trubbish using 50 Candy.

Garbodor is quite a rare spawn in Pokemon Go, and it usually appears when using Incense or in Lure Module-boosted Poke Stops. But you might have a good chance to get it during Sustainability Week 2004 since this event has Trubbish as one of the featured Pokemon.

Can Garbodor be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Garbodor is available in Pokemon Go. The odds of finding a shiny Garbodor in the wild are 1 in 500 or a 0.20% chance.

You can still take advantage of the next Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour and see when Trubbish gets highlighted, so you can encounter lots of it to increase your chances of success.

Roxie's Garbodor in Pokemon the Anime
Garbodor stats are 181 ATK ,164 DEF, and 190 STA.

Best Garbodor Pokemon Go moveset for PvP

In Pokemon Go, the best moveset for Garbodor in PvP is Infestation and Acid Spray, with the second Charged Move option of Gunk Shot.

Garbodor’s inability to benefit from STAB damage with its Fast Move makes it quite bad in PvP, but you can compensate for it by having a high energy ratio move such as Infestation, which will ensure you can take advantage of Garbodor’s spammy moveset.

Best Garbodor Pokemon Go moveset for PvE

The best moveset for Garbodor in Pokemon Go PvE activities consists of Infestation and Gunk Shot. Being a Poison monotype doesn’t give Garbodor too many advantages in PvE activities. As we mentioned previously, it cannot benefit from STAB damage on either of its Fast Moves.

Its maximum CP is 2681, so it will not reach the high standards that many Raids require, but you can still rely on Garbodor as a low-budget attacker for pure Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon.

Complete Garbodor Pokemon Go moveset

Here’s the full list of Garbodor moves in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Infestation (Bug)
  • Take Down (Normal)

Charged Moves

  • Body Slam (Normal)
  • Seed Bomb (Grass)
  • Acid Spray (Poison)
  • Gunk Shot (Poison)

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