Pokemon Go Mega Evolution bonuses most players miss grant vital items

Niladri Sarkar
mega evolutions of charizard, blastoise and venusaur in pokemon go

Mega Evolutions are more than just powerful additions to Pokemon Go as they offer some exciting perks that make your grind easier and more rewarding.

Mega Evolutions are some of the strongest additions to Pokemon Go, with many being the best attackers in the game. While their damage output boost to every participant in Raid battles is well-known, these Pokemon offer some other juicy bonuses that many aren’t aware of!

When doing Mega Evolution, you can get extra Candy and enjoy higher chances of grabbing the rare XL Candy when you catch a Pokemon of the same type as the Mega-evolved species.

For instance, having a Mega Salamence active in your collection would give you bonus Candy from catching any Dragon or Flying type from the wild, Raids, or Research encounters. The higher the Mega level, the better the chances of bagging these attractive bonuses.

A trainer with the username ‘WholesomeRuler’ on Reddit just discovered that Mega Evolutions offer these rich dividends in Pokemon Go and shared them in a post, wishing they’d known it sooner.

Fellow players vouched for this and added that it’s even more effective to have multiple Megas since you won’t have to spend extra energy to evolve one the following day. One fan also mentioned using their Fighting/Psychic-type Mega Medicham to salvage the spawns during the Rivals Week 2024 event.

“With Machop, Mankey, and Ralts spawning, I’m getting extra candy and candy XL for all 3 thanks to the Fighting and Psychic type,” they wrote.

Many trainers stated that they had no clue about these amazing bonuses, so others suggested increasing the Mega level of their Pokemon to enjoy higher chances of grabbing them.

You should know that walking with a species that has already been Mega-evolved once earns extra Mega Energy for them, and as you evolve them 30 times, their level increases and you can earn the bonuses more easily.

Keep in mind that having a Mega Evolution makes it more likely to earn multiple XL Candy for Legendaries and Ultra Beasts you beat in 5-Star Raids, making it quicker to power them up in Pokemon Go.

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