Groudon weaknesses, resistances & strengths explained in Pokemon

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legendary pokemon groudon in scarlet and violet indigo disk dlc

Groudon is one of the strongest Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet battles, so if you’re looking to use this Legendary to earn loads of victories, here’s all you need to know about its weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and best moves.

Pokemon like Groudon are some of the biggest threats in the meta, and with the Indigo Disk DLC bringing these Legendaries to Scarlet and Violet, you must be raring to use such an OP species.

The Ground-type Groudon is a monstrous powerhouse that can sweep teams without effort. To help you ace this Pokemon, here are the weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and best moveset for Groudon.

Groudon weaknesses explained in Pokemon

Groudon is weak to Grass, Ice, and Water-type attacks in Pokemon.

Groudon’s high Defense stat of 140 and 100 HP helps it tank super-effective Physical Attacks like Icicle Crash, Wood Hammer, and Aqua Tail. But, its Special Defense is lower at 90, so I usually switch it out against moves like Leaf Storm, Ice Beam, and Hydro Pump, especially when Sun is not set up on the battlefield.

With Sun appearing via Groudon’s ability Drought, damage from Water-type moves is reduced by half. In such cases, I’ve hardly seen Groudon troubled with those attacks.

Groudon resistances explained in Pokemon

Groudon resists Poison and Rock-type attacks and is immune to Electric-type attacks in Pokemon.

Though it has only two resistances, its immunity to Electric-type moves is super helpful as it can take on powerful Pokemon like Miraidon, Raging Bolt, Iron Hands, and Regieleki. This surprisingly makes it a great teammate for its archrival Kyogre.

In fact, Groudon can also halt Kyogre’s Rain if you bring it out after Kyogre enters the battlefield and weaken its Water-type moves thanks to Sun being set up. Keep in mind that if you send Groudon out first, its Sun will be replaced by Rain instead.

But, Ground-type moves are unaffected by Rain so you can still take on Kyogre but be careful of the boosted Water-type attacks coming your way if you’re unable to take it out.

Groudon strengths explained in Pokemon

Groudon uses its STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) Ground-type moves to do super-effective damage to Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon.

Fire is a great offensive type and Steel Pokemon are the best defensively. With the ability to take them out, Groudon proves to be one of the best attackers in the meta, threatening the likes of Archaludon, Metagross, Chi-Yu, and Blaziken.

With its astronomical 150 Attack stat, it has been my go-to Pokemon to break through Physical Walls, while also having some moves to go up against Flying-types that are immune to Ground-type moves.

Best Groudon moves in Pokemon

The best moves for Groudon in Pokemon are Stealth Rock, Swords Dance, Precipice Blades, and Crunch.

  • Stealth Rock is a great utility move that sets up Rocks on the opponent’s side of the battlefield, dealing damage to Pokemon, with more damage to those weak to Rock-type attacks. It’s a great way to reduce the HP of opponents each time they enter the battlefield.
  • Swords Dance turns Groudon into a scarier offensive monster, thanks to its already phenomenal Attack getting boosted by two stages.
  • Precipice Blades is its signature move and boasts 120 base power, but keep in mind that its accuracy is 85%.
  • Crunch is a perfectly accurate move that helps Groudon take on Pokemon that take zero damage from Precipice Blades and also has a 20% chance to decrease the opponent’s Defense by one stage.

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