How to get Zarude in Pokemon Go: Best moveset for PvP & PvE, can it be shiny, more

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Zarude in a Pokemon Go night background

Zarude is one of the rarest species in Pokemon Go, so here’s everything you need to know to catch this Mythical Pokemon in the mobile game, and its shiny availability.

Pokemon Go has quite an assortment of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon to choose from, and Zarude might be one of the strongest released so far. But is this Mythical Pokemon any good in PvP or PvE?

Here’s everything you need to know to catch Zarude in Pokemon Go, including its shiny availability.


How to get Zarude in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players can catch Zarude by completing the Rogue of the Jungle Special Research that was available during the Verdant Wonders event.

Only players who got the ticket before March 25 can complete the Special Research to encounter Zarude. Trainers can complete the Research at their own pace since the tasks won’t expire.

Zarude in Pokemon anime
Zarude’s stats are ATK 242, DEF 215, and STA 233 in Pokemon Go.

Zarude was previously available on Pokemon Go through another ticketed Special Research, like most Mythicals in the game.

Can Zarude be shiny in Pokemon Go?

No, shiny Zarude isn’t available in Pokemon Go. Shiny Mythical Pokemon usually debut during the biggest Pokemon Go events, like Pokemon Go Tour or Fest.

Best Zarude PvP moves in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Zarude in Pokemon Go PvP is Vine Whip and Power Whip. As a secondary Charged Move, trainers should pick Energy Ball, which has a debuff effect and also serves as a shield breaker.

Best Zarude PvE moves in Pokemon Go

The best PvE moveset for Zarude in Pokemon Go consists of Vine Whip and Power Whip, which packs a whopping 662 total damage output.

Zarude is the Rank 1 non-mega Grass-type attacker at the moment, so having it in your Raid team against Rock, Ground, and Water-types could work wonders.

Complete Zarude moveset in Pokemon Go

Here’s every move that Zarude can learn in Pokemon Go including Fast and Charged Moves.

Fast Moves

  • Bite (Dark)
  • Vine Whip (Grass)

Charged Moves

  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Power Whip (Grass)
  • Energy Ball (Grass)

And there you have it! That’s everything you need to know to get Zarude in Pokemon Go. For more on the popular franchise, make sure to check other guides below:

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