All Verdansk areas in Modern Warfare 3 campaign: Every Warzone POI in MW3

Liam Mackay
Verdansk Dam in MW3 campaign

Modern Warfare 3’s globe-trotting campaign takes players back to the fan-favorite Verdansk map from Warzone, and here are all the locations you can visit.

Modern Warfare 3 coincides with Call of Duty’s 20th anniversary and the game is packed with nostalgia. Not only does the multiplayer feature all of Modern Warfare 2 2009’s maps, but you’ll also be able to visit even more classic locations in Warzone’s new Urzikstan map which also comes to Zombies.

The campaign also brings some more recent nostalgia, bringing players back to Warzone’s Verdansk. This fan-favorite battle royale map was permanently removed back in 2021 and players are desperate to see it return. While not fully explorable, you can visit some fan-favorite locations as part of Modern Warfare 3’s campaign.

Here are all the Verdansk locations you’ll visit in the MW3 campaign.

Verdansk Prison

Mw3 players approaching Verdansk prison
Modern Warfare 3’s first mission is a throwback to MW2 2009.

Modern Warfare 3’s very first level has players visiting Verdansk Prison which was already modeled after the classic MW2 Gulag level.

You’ll visit almost every part of Prison during Modern Warfare 3‘s ‘Operation 627’ mission, scaling the walls, fighting through the courtyard, and then descending down into the cells. Eventually, you’ll head through the tunnel and then run through the area outside the Prison to get back to the ocean.

Arklov Military Base

Verdansk Arklov Military base in MW3
The Military Base received some new buildings since we visited last.

Modern Warfare 3’s campaign takes players to the Arklov Military base where you play as Laswell. In this linear mission, you’ll have to blend in with the Russian soldiers as you make your way through the classic Warzone POI.

The area received some change since it was last seen with new buildings filling up some of the more barren areas of the POI, as well as being much more detailed than it was as part of Warzone.

Verdansk Stadium

Verdansk Stadium in MW3
Makarov attacks the Verdansk Stadium in MW3’s Flashpoint mission.

In another linear MW3 level, Captain Price and Soap fight through the Verdansk Stadium to look for Makarov during a terrorist attack.

You’ll first drive through the downtown district before going down the parking lot underneath, and then fight through the ground floor and upper levels of the stadium itself. Finally, you’ll head outside the stadium.

Gora Dam

Ghost at Verdansk Dam in MW3
You can explore the full Dam POI as Ghost.

One of Modern Warfare 3’s Open Combat missions has you playing as Ghost at Verdansk’s Dam. Although it has water running through it, it’s almost exactly the same as you remembered it.

Because it’s an Open Combat mission you’ll have free reign to explore as much of the area as you like, defusing bombs before making a quick getaway in a helicopter.

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