Warzone players call for Season 5 to bring back Verdansk ahead of Warzone 2

Warzone players dropping into Verdansk

Warzone players and streamers alike are calling on Raven Software to bring back Verdansk for Season 5, sending off the original game ahead of Warzone 2.0 later in 2022.

After over eighteen months of Verdansk, including the Verdansk ’84 overhaul, Warzone switched to Caldera with December’s Vanguard Season 1. Thanks to its steep hills, lack of staircases, and POIs surrounding the edge of the map, it plays very differently from Verdansk.

While Raven Software have made plenty of welcome changes to Caldera since its launch, notably the Redeploy Balloons, there have been players calling for Verdansk to return ever since it left. Now, with Season 5 and Warzone 2.0 on the horizon, the community are calling on Raven to introduce Verdansk one last time.

With the Season 4 Reloaded update here, players are looking ahead to Season 5 which is set to be the final season ahead of Modern Warfare 2. Top Warzone content creators took to Twitter to call on Raven Software to bring back Verdansk one last time.

Pro player and content creator IceManIsaac kicked off the discussion, demanding Raven “BRING BACK VERDANSK FOR SEASON 5.”

After the news page ModernWarzone echoed the sentiment, Isaac explained: “I understand giving Caldera 6+ months to shine, but let’s take the lessons learned over the last year, bring them into Verdansk, and have crazy momentum heading into WZ2.”

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“I can’t even imagine the social media explosion and number of players that would return,” explained stats expert TrueGameData. “Even if it was a 150 GB download for an LTM and Caldera wasn’t an option during that time… It would be huge.”

Even DJ and producer Marshmello joined the discussion, tweeting: “honestly bring back verdansk please.”

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Top YouTuber JGOD was a bit more hesitant, saying that it “would probably be impossible for Verdansk to come back unless they have been secretly working on it like they were with Fortune’s Keep,” but still asked Raven how many Retweets he’d need for them to bring it back.

It’s not just content creators either. Reddit user TheEternalGazed asked: “Anyone else want Raven to bring back Verdansk for Season 5 so we can play it all one last time?”

While some weren’t sure, many said it would bring them back. “I went from only playing Verdansk and never touching resurgence to never touching caldera and only playing resurgence,” explained one user. “I’d be so happy if they brought Verdansk back.”

Is Verdansk coming back to Warzone?

At the moment it appears that, no, it’s highly unlikely that Verdansk will return to Warzone in Season 5.

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Raven Software have been hard at work fixing Caldera, and likely aren’t done with the map just yet. Plus, the devs have explained that adding it back would mean another 100 GB download, and they explained that every time there’s a download that large, they actually lose players.

While players are calling for Caldera to be replaced, Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep remain as popular as ever. With this in mind, you can check out the Rebirth of the Dead mode and all of Season 4 Reloaded’s changes to Fortune’s Keep.

Plus, you can check out why you should be careful what you wish for when asking for Verdansk to return.

Image Credit: Activision