Warzone players want popular Verdansk feature in Urzikstan

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Verdansk Operators

Despite Warzone Urzikstan has added new features and content in recent iterations, some fans have expressed their desire to see the return of a popular Verdansk feature.

Over the years, Warzone has received a wide variety of updates, content, and, above all, quality-of-life changes, including new features offering players an improved experience of the battle royale.

When it comes to the best experience, many players often turn to the game’s Verdansk iteration which preserves the most pleasing memories. One of the most influential mechanics is ground loot and caches, which can give you an advantage as you drop into the match and significantly alter how the match develops.

Regarding this topic, user ‘KNEXIUM’ asked the Warzone Reddit community, “Why did the devs remove blueprint weapons from supply boxes?” And followed, “I kinda miss getting to use new blueprints without having to buy them.”

In the game’s first iteration, devs used to include blueprint weapons inside loot caches, which granted players the chance to try out fully fledged attachment-equipped guns, and if they were lucky, use them to get themselves out of trouble in their early battles.

Agreeing with the OP, user ‘bloodyGameBoxThing’ expressed, “Just having ground loot with a bit of personality was awesome,” and added a few beloved weapon blueprints that were available in the game’s loot caches.

However, other players helped the OP pointing out they already answered their question, as the “entire game is arranged in a way to try getting you to spend more money.”

Another user added, that “putting blueprints in crates was a way of trying to entice you to buy blueprints,” and claimed Activision realized that “giving players a blueprint might mean they are LESS likely to buy it because they have a chance to just stumble upon it for free in a crate.”

While it remains uncertain whether blueprints will be reintroduced to ground loot or caches in Urzikstan in the future, some players claim that their return could refresh and spice up the overall experience.

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