All classic CoD maps in Warzone’s Urzikstan: Overwatch, Seatown, Hardhat, more

Warzone players in Urzikstan mapActivision

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 integrates with Warzone in December, it brings the brand-new Urzikstan map. The devs have already shown off the map’s POIs, so here’s every classic CoD map we’ve spotted in Urzikstan so far.

Beginning all the way back in BO4’s Blackout, as a treat to players, Warzone‘s developers like to include classic Call of Duty areas in their large-scale maps. Verdansk featured the likes of Killhouse, Broadcast, Vacant, and Summit, while Caldera brought Shipment, Roundhouse, and even the bunker from Nacht Der Untoten.

Following on from Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah which was chock-full of fan-favorite MW2 2009 maps, Modern Warfare 3’s Warzone integration brings Urzikstan. This new map was first introduced all the way back in Modern Warfare 2019’s campaign, and now it’ll be fully playable in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies at launch and Warzone in December.

We’ve already seen a fair bit of Urzikstan thanks to the Call of Duty Next event, and several classic Call of Duty maps have been spotted. Here’s every classic CoD map in Urzikstan so far.

Overwatch (MW3 2011)

Overwatch map in Warzone UrzikstanActivision

Overwatch arrived in the original Modern Warfare 3 as post-launch DLC and was quickly spotted in Urzikstan’s Zaravan City POI.

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Although originally set in New York, you’ll soon be able to explore the classic MW3 2011 map in Warzone‘s Urzikstan.

Hardhat (MW3 2011)

Hardhat is one of the most popular Modern Warfare 3 2011 maps, returning in MW2019 and CoD Mobile.

Although it wasn’t shown off in the dev’s overview, content creator FaZe Scope accidentally found it in Urzikstan while playing at CoD Next, and it can be found at the Levin Resort POI.

Seatown (MW3 2011)

Modern Warfare 3 2011’s Seatown can be found in Urzikstan’s Old Town POI in the middle of the map.

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The map’s iconic well can be spotted on the riverbank beside the circular structure, with the market towards the east. The only thing that appears to be missing is the castle, so it might not be 1:1.

Sub Base (MW2 2009)

Sub Base in Warzone UrzikstanActivision / TheTacticalBrit

Towards the north-east of Urzikstan, you’ll be able to find Modern Warfare 2 2009’s classic Sub Base map.

The arena will return in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer but you’ll also be able to visit it by heading to the very northeast corner of the Orlov Military Base POI.

Countdown (CoD 4)

Countdown map in Warzone UrzikstanActivision
Countdown was last seen in Modern Warfare Remastered in 2016.

Warzone players can also visit that classic CoD 4 map Countdown by heading to Urzikstan’s Orlov Military Base POI.

This popular map was almost directly pulled from the campaign mission ‘All In’ where the SAS and US Marines traveled to Russia to stop Zakhaev’s nukes from reaching the United States. The missile silos and hangars have all returned in Warzone’s Urzikstan map.

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Favela (MW2 2009)

Favela in Warzone UrzikstanActivision / TheTacticalBrit
Urzikstan features a stripped-back version of Favela.

Although not exactly the same, it appears Urzikstan’s Low Town POI features an area heavily inspired by MW2 2009’s Favela. While some of the buildings are missing, the general layout remains almost exactly the same.

Don’t worry, though, as you’ll get to experience the full Favela map again when Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 10.

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