Can you slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3?

Liam Mackay
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The slide cancel movement mechanic was absent from Modern Warfare 2, and players are wondering if it will make a return in Modern Warfare 3. The feature is certainly a powerful one, so let’s find out if you can slide cancel in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 will address many of the complaints that the Call of Duty community had with Modern Warfare 2. Dead Silence is a Perk again, the classic minimap is returning, and a longer TTK means that players are hoping MW3 will be the CoD game they’ve been waiting for.

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Another mechanic that was removed from Modern Warfare 2 is slide canceling. Aggressive players could make use of the slide cancel mechanic as not only did it reset Tac Sprint for covering long distances, but it could be used to slide around a corner before getting your weapon up to shoot enemies immediately.

Some players prefer CoD games with slide canceling as it allows them to master movement to their advantage, while others complained that it wore out their controllers. With that in mind, let’s find out if you can slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3.

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Modern Warfare 3: Can you slide cancel?

Yes, you can slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3, but there’s a catch. It seems a slide cancel in MW3 will not reset your Tactical Sprint as it did in previous Call of Duty titles.

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are set to share mechanics as the new era of the battle royale receives the integration treatment. Warzone devs Raven Software explained that while slide canceling is set to return to Warzone, “it no longer resets Tactical Sprint.”

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Since Warzone and MW3 are set to be a unified experience, it’s safe to assume that a slide cancel in MW3 will not reset Tactical Sprint.

Adding the movement mechanic back was a conscious decision from Sledgehammer Games and has even been a major part of their marketing.

However, the slide cancel has been designed not to reset Tactical Sprint this time around. Of course, content creators and pro players like Shotzzy will likely be testing the limits of slide canceling and could find a way to break the mechanic, but as it’s designed, it shouldn’t reset Tac Sprint.

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How the movement mechanic’s return will be received by the community remains to be seen, but it appears to have been purposefully designed for the game rather than an unintended mechanic.

Slide canceling returns in MW3 alongside reload canceling as well as other movement changes and mechanics such as faster mantling and the new Tac-Stance feature.

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