All Verdansk map changes in Warzone Mobile Season 4 Reloaded

Max Candelarezi
Human Operator against zombie

Following the PC and console version, seasonal updates in Warzone Mobile often bring map changes, and Season 4 Reloaded is no exception, introducing changes to the beloved map.

Delving into a Zombies theme, the mobile game will bring new content to fit, including some transformations within the popular map. So, here are all the modifications coming to Verdansk in Warzone Mobile with the mid-season update.

Zombie graveyard & crash site

Zombie crash site Warzone Mobile Verdansk
The Zombie crash sites will be scattered around Verdansk with Season 4 Reloaded.

The Zombie crash sites are a new point of interest across the Verdansk map, generated by “ancient evil massive boulders” that dropped from a sky portal.

These new broken stone gates lead to the Zombie Graveyard, another new feature offering a ton of high-value loot crates for players to enter in exchange for danger.

The points of interest created by these features are likely to become highly popular drop zones, posing a significant threat to those who choose to land there.

Although no further details were provided, it’s anticipated that these new features could alter how players plan their game strategy. We’ll be sure to update this piece if new details are revealed.

Undead targets

Warzone Mobile Season 4 Reloaded screenshot
Zombies will be players’ enemies apart from other human Operators.

To fit the Zombie-themed content, Verdansk will also receive an onrush of zombies. This will lead players to confront these “rotting creatures” throughout Battle Royale matches with the season’s second weekly event called Kill Zombies to earn Event Points and unlock exclusive free rewards.

Veteran players will remember the Zombies take over, featuring the fan-favorite mode Zombie Royale returning in Warzone Mobile but for Resurgence’s Rebirth Island instead of Verdansk. Yet, the battle royale map receives a ton of themed changes allowing all players to enjoy the battle against the undead.

In order to dominate the zombie threat, be sure to have the best guns equipped along with the perfect controller and audio settings.