All multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare 3: MW2 2009 remasters, Ground War, more

Rust, Highrise and Quarry MW3Activision

Call of Duty officially revealed all the multiplayer MW3 maps that will be featured at launch and shared a first look at each one, including MW2 2009 remasters. Here are all of the Modern Warfare 3 maps that have been confirmed for the game’s launch.

Modern Warfare 3 is scheduled for release on November 10 serving as a direct follow-up to Modern Warfare 2 (2022), it represents the first instance of two consecutive Call of Duty games from the same series arriving back to back.

As we approach the game’s launch, the devs have been sharing a lot of details on the modes and content included, like the return of slide canceling, a fresh batch of weapons, and more. Additionally, SHG have revealed the MW3 map roster for launch.

Here are all of the Modern Warfare 3 maps confirmed to arrive on day one.

Modern Warfare 3 Rust mapActivision
Fan-favorite map Rust will sport a new modern design in MW3.

All Modern Warfare 3 maps

Modern Warfare 3 will launch with 20 multiplayer maps, including remasters of all 16 maps from Modern Warfare 2 (2009), along with three Ground War maps based on points of interest within Warzone’s Urzikstan, and a unique War Operation map.

Here are all Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps available at launch.

  • Afghan
  • Derail
  • Estate
  • Favela
  • Highrise
  • Invasion
  • Karachi
  • Quarry
  • Rundown
  • Rust
  • Scrapyard
  • Skidrow
  • Sub Base
  • Terminal
  • Underpass
  • Wasteland
  • Levin Resort
  • Orlov Military Base
  • Popov Power
  • Operation: Spearhead

Every MW3 multiplayer map at launch

6v6 multiplayer maps


Afghan map MW3Activision
The map presents danger when playing if players aren’t focused on their surroundings.

Afghan is set in a desert featuring the iconic central crashed plane that serves as a guide to blast enemies with ease, although keep in mind that choosing this strategy can leave you quite exposed. Veteran players will know that navigating this map requires a lot of concentration to avoid ending up eliminated.

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Derail map MW3Activision
Derail features a trainwreck over railcars that players can strategically use in objective-based modes.

Covered with a ton of snow, players will have to survive both the low temperatures and the exposure of Derail‘s exterior landscape. The central area grants players a close-range battleground which could be great for SMGs.


Estate map MW3Activision
Players had the chance to try out Estate during the two MW3 beta periods.

Estate is located in a retreat within the Caucasus Mountains, this map has not only excellent distances that Sniper fans can take advantage of but also a difference in height that’s useful to control the map in objective modes.


Favela map MW3Activision
Favela is characterized by significant height differences and a large number of structures for coverage.

Favela is located in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this scenery allows players to strategize using the building’s heights and passageways to attack enemies effectively. While some may choose to cross the map protected by structures, others will take their chances by being exposed on the rooftops.


Highrise map MW3Activision
Veteran CoD players will be able to access the classic glitch spots on the map.

The birthplace of some of the most iconic Sniper shots in Call of Duty history, Highrise features two main buildings facing each other, which serve as spawn points. Players can choose to roam the map through its three lanes or choose to hop on the helipad to use height to easily recognize enemies.


Invasion map MW3Activision
Invasion is described as a “medium-sized multiplayer map” loaded with action.

Invasion takes place in an urban battleground packed with destroyed buildings which grants players intense close-quarters combat. Regardless of whether you decide to attack from the center or the sides of the map, make sure you stay alert and avoid missing the constant action.

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Karachi map MW3Activision
A keen understanding of the map will help you excel in online matches.

Another medium-sized map, Karachi, also features a ton of buildings players can use as protection or as strategic locations to position themselves when defending objectives in game modes. According to the CoD blog, this map presents “various opportunities for traversal and catering to diverse playstyles.”


Quarry map MW3Activision
Just like Favela, Quarry is also located in Brazil.

Although the first approach is a little confusing, Quarry is located in an expansive open pit mine that offers different ways to approach the map, whether short or long-range. If you choose to use the side rails or the center crane as your guide, you will have to be aware of your surroundings and avoid being exposed.


Rundown map MW3Activision
Rundown boasts both long and short-range combat thanks to its variety of distances.

Veteran players will know that if you’re looking for fun, Rundown‘s center is where you should head. The variety of buildings will grant you an advantage when playing in objective-based modes or you can choose to use them as cover.

This iconic village features a characteristic river that separates the map’s areas if you prefer to avoid a hectic central location and use the less inhabited side territory.

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Rust map MW3Activision
Rust is known for its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay.

Another iconic map from the Modern Warfare series, situated within the “oil fields of the Urzikstan desert,” Rust features a square-shaped layout defined by its central towering structure, which players can take advantage of and smash those longshots capturing the enemies’ respawn with ease.

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Scrapyard map MW3Activision
Scrapyard was previously featured in Modern Warfare 2019, Modern Warfare 2, and CoD Mobile.

Situated in an aircraft boneyard, Scrapyard has different removable junk structures that can be useful for protection from enemies. If you are looking for non-stop action, then spanning through the center of the map will be your number one mission to enjoy this map.


Skidrow map MW3Activision
Skidrow was one of the Modern Warfare 3 maps available in the open beta.

Skidrow is one of the most action-packed maps alongside Rust given its small layout. Located in a mid-sized urban environment with a prominent central block at its center, this map is surrounded by buildings offering players additional strategic spots to both cross the map and play the objectives.

Sub Base

Sub Base map MW3Activision
Sub Base’s central area provides players with flanking routes and vantage points.

Although its layout is imposing, mainly due to the docked submarines, the action of Sub Base happens inside the map, where the buildings and the spaces between them dictate the movement of the players. If you are a player who loves to engage in intense battles, you know where to find it.


Terminal map MW3Activision
The famous Terminal map has become one of the most cherished locations in CoD’s history.

Just like you normally could get lost in airports, Terminal is no exception. This iconic map showcases a sprawling interior airport with a convenient and rapid transit area for players.

However, if you’re inclined to employ a Sniper’s strategy, the aircraft parked outside can be your most valuable asset, affording you a wide vantage point to monitor activities within the terminal.

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Underpass map MW3Activision
In this large environment, the possibilities for climbing and executing ambushes are limitless.

Underpass is located within a dilapidated industrial district in South America, where relentless rain has turned the area into a “mud bath.” Here, players can navigate through the muck, set up surprise attacks, or take their chances on the rain-soaked rooftops.


Wasteland map MW3Activision
Wasteland is the perfect map for long-range combat, specifically for Sniper Rifles.

A beloved choice for Sniper fans, Wasteland is set within a desolate landscape with a large open area that will allow players to excel in long-range fights. However, if you prefer intense close-quarters combat, you can test your skills in the structured area.

Ground War multiplayer maps

Levin Resort

Levin Resort Ground War map MW3Activision
Levin Resort features defaced General Barkov statues on the map.

Once a place where “tourists and business travelers alike used to flock,” Levin Resort is now a “vacant site” serving as the setting for intense battles. The map features a central tall building that could be the home of Sniper enthusiasts.

Orlov Military Base

Orlov Military Base Ground War map MW3Activision
Players had the chance to experience Orlov Military Base during the second weekend of the MW3 beta.

Surrounded by missile silos, bunkers, and facilities, Orlov Military Base is located among steep mountainous terrain that gives players a difference in heights and areas to contend with. The scattered barricades placed strategically across the area offer players a defensive edge when moving across the map.

Popov Power

Popov Power Ground War map MW3Activision
Popov Power was the first Ground War map to become available in the MW3 open beta.

Described as the “workhorse of Urzikstan,” Popov Power is a hideous power supply energy plant. Players will be able to engage in combat around its cooling towers and containment structures, providing different distances and heights.

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War multiplayer map

Operation: Spearhead

Operation Spearhead War map MW3Activision
Operation Spearhead will be the first War experience in Modern Warfare 3.

Operation Spearhead takes place on the Urzikstan map, situated “inside a linear corridor within the Orlov Military Base and Kadurin Silo.” The area is fortified with formidable anti-aircraft defenses and barricades, granting players several different spots to protect themselves.

The CoD team also confirmed that several MW2 2022 maps will be carrying over into Modern Warfare 3 as part of seasonal content which will continue to expand the variety of locations for players to visit.

In addition to MW2 maps, the game will receive three new 6v6 maps in Season 1 and another three new 6v6 maps in Season 2. These maps are part of the 12 multiplayer post-launch maps that have already been confirmed to be released.

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