Does Modern Warfare 3 campaign have co-op?

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign PC image character holding gunActivision

With Modern Warfare 3 finally released, many campaign fans are wondering if they can play the continuation of the MW2 story with their friends in co-op. So, here’s everything you need to know about whether Modern Warfare 3’s campaign has a co-op feature.

The highly-anticipated Modern Warfare 3 is finally out for players worldwide. Serving as a sequel to Modern Warfare 2, this installment allows players to continue their journey with Task Force 141 as they confront the ultimate threat, Vladimir Makarov.

While those who pre-ordered the game gained early access to the campaign, others are wondering whether MW3’s campaign incorporates a co-op feature, which has become a common element in many recent titles.

Here’s everything you need to know about co-op availability in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.

Is the MW3 campaign co-op?

Unfortunately, the Modern Warfare 3 campaign does not offer a co-op feature allowing players to play the story mode with their friends. Following previous Modern Warfare campaigns, MW3’s campaign promises an immersive single-player experience, seamlessly picking up the storyline from where MW2 left off.

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MW3’s storyline prominently features Task Force 141, including iconic characters like Captain Price, Ghost, Soap, Gaz, and other beloved characters.

Vladimir Makarov Modern Warfare 3Activision
Makarov makes its long-awaited return in Modern Warfare 3’s campaign.

Further, the game also features the introduction of Open Combat missions, which allows players to choose several mission destinations and approaches, shaking up the way fans are used to playing this mode.

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While this may restrict co-op campaign gameplay, it’s worth noting that other game modes, such as Zombies, are still set to provide opportunities for players to play together with their friends and have fun.

All in all, you’re now well-prepared to immerse yourself in Modern Warfare 3’s campaign, the next chapter of the Modern Warfare universe’s story.

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