Best Marksman Rifles in XDefiant – Ranked list

Emily Stander
Cleaner running with a gun in XDefiant

XDefiant Marksman Rifles offer a blend of qualities seen in Snipers and Assault Rifles, as the versatile weapon class allows you to do a little bit of everything instead of focusing on one type of playstyle. 

The Season 1 update brought new weapons to the game, but the Marksman Rifle category has remained unchanged. They’re not the strongest weapons available, but they can be a great pick for players who want a long-range option outside of Sniper Rifles in the game.

All XDefiant Marksman Rifles ranked

  1. MK 20 SSR
  2. SVD

XDefiant only has two Marksman Rifles, but we can expect more to arrive in future updates.


With the right attachments, the SVD can become a brutal mid-range weapon, but it’s still a few steps behind the MK 20 SSR.

SVD Marksman Rifle in XDefiant
The SVD falls short of the MK 20 SSR.

It largely falls short because of its slower rate of fire and significantly slower reload speed compared to the other weapon in the category. The top weapons can prove competitive even without the ideal attachments, but the SVD struggles to perform without them.

Best Marksman Rifle in XDefiant


The MK 20 SSR is the best Marksman Rifle in Season 1. It’s a strong pick to control long lines of sight, especially while playing objective modes like Escort.

On its own, it’s not amazing, but with the right attachments, you can knock your enemies down in about one or two hits. You’ll have access to it immediately when you download the game, making it the first Marksman Rifle you get to try out. 

MK 20 SSR XDefiant
The MK 20 SSR is the better Marksman out of the two in Season 1.

Compared to the SVD, it blends the top strengths of Assault Rifles and Snipers a little better. It’s also been called the cousin of the ACR 6.8, which is currently one of the strongest weapons in the game.

Be sure to give both a try and keep an eye on this page for more weapon rankings as they are added to the game.

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