All Garchomp weaknesses & resistances in Pokemon

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Garchomp in a Pokemon Sword and Shield backgroundThe Pokemon Company

Garchomp is easily one of the most powerful Dragon-type Pokemon out there and belonging to the Ground-type element can make it a confusing opponent. To help you defeat the ferocious species, here’s a list of all Garchomp weaknesses and resistances in Pokemon.

It is common for Pokemon to belong to a couple of types but it is relatively rare to find the Dragon and Ground combination. Zygarde, Vibrava, and Flygon are solid examples but it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Garchomp is the strongest among them.

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Due to its unique typing and amazing stats, Garchomp is often considered a Pseudo Legendary like Dragonite, and defeating it is a huge challenge in any Pokemon game. However, knowing its strengths, weaknesses, and resistances can make things easier.

On that note, here’s Garchomp’s type, weaknesses, resistances, and best counters in Pokemon.

What type is Garchomp in Pokemon?

Garchomp is a dual Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon. This specific typing is only shared with Vibrava, Flygon, and Zygarde.

Dragon-type Pokemon are tough on their own thanks to their high HP and Attack stats, so players should be prepared for a long battle. When pairing Dragon with the Ground-type, Garchomp gains some weaknesses and resistances to keep in mind.

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Garchomp Pokedex page in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company
Garchomp evolves from Gabite at level 48 but can also be found in the wild in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

All Garchomp weaknesses in Pokemon

As a dual Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon, Garchomp is weak against Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type attacks. Since both Dragon and Ground types are weak against Ice-type moves, Garchomp has a double weakness (x4) against Ice-type damage.

It’s pretty clear that Ice-type Pokemon are the safest bet here if you’re looking to do massive damage. Fairy-type Pokemon can also work wonders thanks to their immunity to Dragon-type attacks.

All Garchomp resistances in Pokemon

As a dual Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon, Garchomp can resist Poison, Rock, and Fire-type attacks (1/2x) and it’s immune to Electric-type moves.

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As you can see, Garchomp can’t resist too many types, but receiving neutral damage from most types having lots of HP can result in a long and arduous battle.

To beat Garchomp in Pokemon games without much trouble you should rely on Ice and Fairy-type Pokemon that know Ice and Fairy-type moves to take advantage of the STAB. You’ll want to end the fight as quickly as possible to avoid any powerful moves from Garchomp.

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Best counters to Garchomp in Pokemon

Here’s a list of Pokemon that can easily counter Garchomp and the attacks best suited for the purpose:

Pokemon Attacks
BaxcaliburIce Fang & Avalanche
MamoswinePower Show & Avalanche
Galarian DarmanitanIce Fang & Avalanche
KyuremDragon Breath & Glaciate
MewtwoPsycho Cut & Ice Beam
WeavileIce Shard & Avalanche
GlaceonIce Shard & Avalanche

To keep the list accessible for most players, we’ve only included the best non-Legendary, non-Shadow, and non-Mega Pokemon counters to Garchomp.

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