Kingambit weaknesses, resistances & strengths explained in Pokemon

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet kingambit

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has added Kingambit, a brand new evolution of the popular Bisharp, and players want to add it to their teams to use it in Pokemon battles. So here’s all you need to know about the weaknesses, resistances, and strengths of Kingambit.

Kingambit is a new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet that evolves from Bisharp, a popular Gen 5 species. Known for its incredible performance in battles, it’s a must-have for any Gen 9 team.

To help you dominate the meta with Kingambit, here are all the details on its weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and best moves for the most challenging Pokemon battles.

All Kingambit weaknesses explained in Pokemon

Kingambit is weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type attacks in Pokemon.

As it is a Dark/Steel-type Pokemon, it is 4x weak to Fighting-type moves. That said, you can Terastallize to Flying or Fairy-type to avoid taking super-effective hits and instead resist Fighting-type damage.

You can add the Held Item Air Balloon to make it immune to Ground-type moves. So, if your opponent is going to use Earthquake, you can switch in Kingambit and take no damage.

All Kingambit resistances explained in Pokemon

Kingambit resists Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel-type attacks and is immune to Psychic and Poison-type attacks in Pokemon.

After extensively using Kingambit in battles, it is obvious that this Pokemon can safely switch into plenty of attacks and hardly take any damage. The immunity to Poison-type is particularly useful as it allows Kingambit to ignore Toxic Spikes on the battlefield and not get poisoned by opponents using the move Toxic.

Kingambit strengths explained in Pokemon

Kingambit deals super-effective damage to Ghost, Psychic, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon.

What makes Kingambit special is its ability, Supreme Overlord. This gives Kingambit a 10% increase in the power of each move, for every teammate who fainted in the battle. So, if Kingambit enters last, it gets a 50% boost to every move it uses, making it the ultimate closer in Pokemon battles.

pokemon scarlet and violet bisharp evolution kingambit
As a perfect closer, it’s great to reserve the Tera spot for Kingambit and keep your opponents guessing.

Best Kingambit moves in Pokemon

The best Kingambit moves in Pokemon are Swords Dance, Sucker Punch, Kowtow Cleave, and Iron Head.

  • Swords Dance is deadly as it can make Kingambit spiral out of control by adding a two-stage buff to its Attack and to the boosts it gains from Supreme Overlord.
  • Sucker Punch is a powerful Priority move, which means that regardless of how fast the opponent is, Kingambit will still hit this move as long as they are also using a damaging move in the same turn. The power of Sucker Punch can be taken to bigger heights with Supreme Overlord and Swords Dance, helping it get rid of Dragapult and Flutter Mane.
  • Kowtow Cleave is Kingambit’s signature move and is useful when the opponent is preventing you from using Sucker Punch. It doesn’t check accuracy and can deal quite a lot of damage with 85 base power.
  • Iron Head is the perfect Steel-type move to take out threats like Iron Valiant, Baxcalibur, and Chien-Pao. It also has a 30% chance to make the opponent flinch, helping it win even unfavorable matchups.

Other good moves are Low Kick and Taunt, but you would still want to use the moves detailed above to get the best out of Kingambit.

And that’s it! This is all you need to know to make Kingambit the most formidable Pokemon in your team. If you’re looking for more content and guides like this, have a look at the following:

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