How to make an Ore farm in Palworld: Best locations, Mining Pals, more

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Palworld has a massive map filled with several resources and Ore is easily one of the most important ones you can farm for making weapons, Ingots, and much more. If you’re struggling to get it, here’s how to make an Ore farm in Palworld including the best farming locations, mining Pals, and more.

Farming resources is one of the primary tasks in Palworld. As soon as you begin your journey, you’re expected to collect basic items like Wood, Stone, and Ore. After some progress, a ton of these items will be consumed while building equipment, Technology items, weapons, and other things.

Although you might not feel this initially, Ore can easily become a rare commodity at higher levels. However, with proper planning, you can ensure a steady Ore supply by using your base technology and Pals.

On that note, here’s everything to know about farming Ore in Palworld, including the best locations and the Pals that are most efficient for farming Ore.

How to make Ore farm in Palworld

Follow these steps to make an Ore farm in Palworld:

  1. Obtain Pals with the Mining ability. You can find all such Pals in the list below.
  2. Find a location with lots of Ore rocks (check below).
  3. Put down a Palbox and a chest next to it.
  4. Place beds and food for your Pals.
  5. Put the mining Pals at the base and they will automatically start farming the Ore deposits.
  6. Once they are done, you can then pick up all of the Ore from the chest.
Pals holding ingots in Palworld
Pals can help you out big time when it comes to farming materials in Palworld.

We recommend also having a Pal with the Transportation ability (Cattiva) at the base, as they will help move the Ore to the chest. The Ore deposits will respawn after an in-game day, so your Pals will now be automatically farming this Ore for you day in and day out.

Place the chest as close to the Palbox as possible so that you can still fast-travel back to your base even when over-encumbered.

Best Palworld Ore farm locations

Palworld features Ore deposits across the map which are perfect for starting an Ore farm. Check out the image below for some great locations to build your Ore farm in Palworld.

palworld map with ore areas marked
Here are some of the best locations to make an Ore Farm in Palworld.

All Mining Pals in Palworld

Here are all the Pals in the game with Mining, which gives them the ability to farm Ore in Palworld:

  1. Anubis
  2. Astegon
  3. Cattiva
  4. Depresso
  5. Digtoise
  6. Dumud
  7. Fuddler
  8. Ice Reptyro
  9. Incineram
  10. Incineram Noct
  11. Lovander
  12. Mammorest
  13. Mammorest Cryst
  14. Maraith
  15. Menasting
  16. Necromus
  17. Paladius
  18. Penking
  19. Quivern
  20. Reptyro
  21. Rushoar
  22. Tombat

Best Pals for mining

Anubis, Digtoise, and Astegon in Palworld.
Astegon and Blazamut are the only Pals with Lv. 4 Mining in the game.

Here’s a list of the best Pals for mining in Palworld based on factors like work suitability and SAN stat:


With a Lv 4. Mining skill, Astegon is the best Pal for mining in Palworld although you might have to spend several hours in-game to catch it. The only thing you must also do is carefully assign it near Ores so that it doesn’t end up taking another Handiwork task.


Anubis is undisputedly the best mid-game Pal for mining in Palworld because it remains active for the Whole Day. On top of this, it boasts 100 Work Speed and Lv. 3 Mining. You can find it at coordinates -130, -96 as a boss or simply get it through breeding.


Like Anubis, Digtoise is active the Whole Day and boasts Lv. 3 Mining, 100 Work Speed, and a low food consumption rate (2). Through the skill called Drill Crusher, you can further improve the Pal’s ability to farm Ore.


During the early game in Palworld, Cattiva is the best Pal for mining. Interestingly, the tiny cat also has the Transportation ability unlocked allowing it to instantly move the items it farms to desired chests.


Quivern has Lv. 2 Mining, Lv. 2 Gathering, Lv. 3 Transporting, and Lv. 1 Handiwork. This Pal can do it all, and collecting a few of them can easily make your base self-sufficient and very efficient.

Well, that was how you can make an Ore farm in Palworld. If you’re more interested in Pokemon, make sure you check out some of our guides below:

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