All Palworld Skill Fruits: Tree locations & types

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Skill Fruit with Pals in the background in Palworld

Palworld features over a hundred Pals and plenty of materials for you to gather. Among these items, you’ll also want to collect Skill Fruits, so here’s everything you need to know about Skill Fruits in Palworld, including their types and location on the map.

Palworld has gained millions of active players across various platforms, offering you to unlock and craft plenty of resources in your quest for survival. Many in the community are busy catching the strongest Pals, alongside gathering the necessary materials to build structures and bases.

While your character and Pals can only level up to 50, you can use Skill Fruits to unlock new abilities for your Pals. However, Skill Fruit trees aren’t readily available like the regular trees, and you’ll need to know their location to collect them.

That said, here are all the Skill Fruits in Palworld, including where to find them on the map.

How to get Skill Fruits in Palworld

Skill Fruit trees are spread out across the map in Palworld. As you head to the marked locations in the map below, you’ll notice that the Skill Fruit trees have a unique appearance and stand out from the rest of the trees due to their bluish glow.

Skill Fruits come in Tiers: Tier 1/Green, Tier 2/Blue, and Tier 3/Purple, and each of them can be found in their respective level tier areas.

  • Tier 1: Level 1-15 areas
  • Tier 2: Level 15-30 areas
  • Tier 3: Level 30-50 areas

There is a low chance for higher-tier fruits to drop from lower-tier areas, for example: a Blue (T2 fruit) can be found at a low-level Tier 1 area Skill Fruit tree.

Skill Fruit trees locations marked on Palworld map
You can teach several Skills to your Pals and switch the Active Skills from your Pal screen.

Keep in mind that while trying to find the Skill Fruits trees in cold and warm areas, you’ll need to equip yourself with enough gear to survive in these conditions.

How to use Skill Fruits in Palworld

Using Skill Fruits is simple in Palworld, and all you need to do is open your Inventory, locate your Skill Fruit, and use the Skill Fruit on one of your Pals.

You can teach your Pals as many Skills as you want, and in case they already have three Active Skills, you can swap them out for new ones. It’s also worth noting that the Skill Fruits aren’t limited to a certain type of Pals.

For example, you can use an Ice Skill Fruit on your Fire-type Pal to teach it Ice Missile. Many in the community are using Skill Fruits to counter their Pal’s weakness. So, you can teach your Fire-type Pal a Skill like Tagged Laser, using the Electric Skill Fruit to level the playing field or maybe even have an upper hand while going against Water-type Pals.

All types of Skill Fruits in Palworld

Here are all the Skill Fruits you can find in Palworld, along with the abilities they apply to your Pals, their Power, elemental type, and Tier:

All Ground-type Skill Fruits

Sand BlastT140
Stone BlastT155
Stone CannonT270
Sand TornadoT280
Rock LanceT3150

All Electric-type Skill Fruits

Spark BlastT130
Electric BallT150
Plasma TornadoT265
Lock-on LaserT270
Lightning StreakT275
Lightning StrikeT3120
Lightning BoltT3150

All Dragon-type Skill Fruits

Dragon CannonT130
Dragon BurstT255
Draconic BreathT270
Dragon MeteorT3150

All Water-type Skill Fruits

Hydro JetT130
Aqua GunT140
Bubble BlastT265
Acid RainT280
Aqua BurstT3100
Hydro LaserT3150

All Neutral-type Skill Fruits

Air CannonT125
Power ShotT135
Power BombT270
Pal BlastT3150

All Ice-type Skill Fruits

Frost MissileT130
Icicle CutterT155
Cryst BreathT390
Blizzard SpikeT3130

All Fire-type Skill Fruits

Ignis BlastT130
Spirit FireT140
Flare ArrowT255
Ignis BreathT270
Flare StormT280
Ignis RageT3120
Fire BallT3150

All Dark-type Skill Fruits

Poison BlastT130
Shadow BurstT155
Spirit FlameT275
Nightmare BallT3100
Dark LaserT3150

All Grass-type Skill Fruits

Wind CutterT130
Seed Machine GunT150
Seed MineT265
Grass TornadoT280
Spine VineT395
Solar BlastT3150

We’ll make sure to update our list if we come across or more Skill Fruits are introduced in the game.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know about Skill Fruits in Palworld. For more content on the game, be sure to give these a look:

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