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Palworld mining Pals

To reach the end-game in Palworld, you need to mine tons of Ore, but your Pals can give you a hand with that. Here are the best Pals for mining in Palworld, including how to get them, their stats, and the best Passive Skills to get loads of Ore.

In Palworld, players can create their own Ore Mine and put their Pals to work for them. To stock up on precious minerals efficiently, you want to use the best mining Pals for the task. Mining Pals are the most suited for that line of work and offer the best skills for the task.

We’ve put together this guide to show you the best Pals for mining in Palworld, including detailed info on how to get them, what their skills do, and how to maximize your Ore gain by using their Passive Skills.

Here are the best mining Pals in Palworld, including their location, stats, and more.

Best mining Pals in Palworld

To find the best mining Pals in Palworld, players need to consider two things. The first is working suitability, which is the ability of Pals to perform a task. The second is their SAN (Sanity) stat, which drops considerably when Pals work in your base.

Considering these two things, we have put together a list of the best Pals for mining in Palworld, which have high stats and are extremely suitable for doing mining work.


Anubis is the best Pal for a mining job in Palworld. Its primary advantage is that it is active the Whole Day, has a base work speed of 100, and has the following work suitability: Handiwork Lv4, Transporting Lv2, Mining Lv3. These three factors by themselves make Anubis the greatest mining Pal in the whole game.

You can get Anubis in the desert area northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant teleport point. It is constantly roaming around the open area at coordinates -130, -96. It is a ground-type Pal, so it is only obtainable in the late-game through conventional methods.

Anubis Palworld
Anubis is the best mining Pal in Palworld.

The best and easiest way to get Anubis early on is by breeding two Boss Pals: Penking and Bushi. Breeding these two pals will 100% result in them laying a Huge Ground Egg with an Anubis inside.

You can start breeding Anubis when you are around level 20 since Bushi is a level 23 boss and Penking is a level 15 boss. You won’t have any trouble getting these and securing an infinite supply of Anubis Eggs.


The second best Pal for mining in Palworld is Digtoise. This ground-type turtle Pal has an interesting set of skills, including its Pal Skill called Drill Crusher, which allows it to mine Ores efficiently by taking up the most of each spot.

Its only work suitability is Mining Lv3, and this Pal will only focus on the sole activity of mining once you put it at your base. It also is active the Whole Day, has a Work Speed of 100, and a considerably low food consumption rate of 2.

Digtoise in Palworld
Digtoise’s Pal Skill will turn it into an Ore mining drill.

To get Digtoise at level 20, you can go to the central desert area at coordinates -134, -129, and you’ll find plenty of them roaming around. You can also breed Penking and Nox, both low-level Pals, to get an infinite supply of Digtoise.


Quivern is another of the best choices for a mining Pal in Palworld. You can get it relatively at a low level by farming the boss encounter at coordinates -255, -130. Quivern’s work suitability includes Handiwork Lv. 1, Gathering Lv. 2, Mining Lv. 2, and Transporting Lv. 3.

Quivern Palworld
You can get Quivern early at level 23 and turn it into a mining machine.

Its major weak point is that it consumes a considerable amount of stamina when working, and can get easily distracted by other tasks in your base.

This Pal is also active the Whole Day, and has a Working Speed of 100. Sadly, the formula for breeding Quivern is currently unknown, but we will update this guide when we discover how to breed this beast.


Astegon is considered one of the Legendary Pals in Palworld, so if you want to have this beast for your mining team, prepare for a tough fight. You can find it at coordinates -576, -421,  in the Abandoned Mine Shaft close to Mount Obsidian.

It has a working suitability optimized for getting more Ores from the spot, with a Mining Lv4, and Handiwork Lv1, which is not so bad to have but could divert Astegon’s attention to other tasks.

It is also active the Whole Day, has a Work Speed of 100, a considerably high SAN pool, but a food consumption rate of 9, one of the highest in the game.

Astegon Palworld
Astegon has a high Ore grinding ratio but has a lot of food consumption.

This monster is a Lvl. 48 Dark/Dragon Boss, is considered one of the end-game challenges, and to catch it, you will require a lot of Legendary Pal Spheres.

Best Passive Skills for mining Pals in Palworld

Here’s a list of the best Passive Skills a mining Pal could have in Palworld, and the bonuses they grant:

  • Artisan: Work speed +50%
  • Mining Foreman: 25% increase in player Mining efficiency (get double ores per hit)
  • Serious: Work Speed +20%
  • Positive Thinker: SAN drops 10% slower
  • Diet Lover: Hunger rate slows by 15%
  • Workaholic: SAN drops 15% slower
  • Work Slave: Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%

Some of these effects like Work Slave, Artisan, and Serious can stack, granting a total of 100% extra work speed. But beware, the faster the Pals work, the faster the SAN (Sanity) drops.

Those are the best Pals for mining in Palworld. For more information on Pocket Pair’s survival game, check out these useful tips and guides:

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