How to get Sulfur in Palworld

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A player standing close to a Sulfur node on a beach in Palworld.

You can craft some of the strongest items as well as tons of gear with Sulfur in Palword, but you may be wondering where and how you can get the important resource. So, here’s everything you need to know about Sulfur in Palworld and how to get it.

Palworld is an open-world survival game, which means that collecting resources and crafting are among the most crucial activities you can indulge in within the title. The game has a vibrant world filled with many different resources that you can use to craft some of the most powerful items in the game.

Sulfur is one of the most valuable resources in the game and is primarily used to make weapons and ammo. This makes it quite an important resource as far as progression is concerned, as combat only gets more difficult as you level up and take on or try to catch stronger and more agile Pals.

So, here’s how you can get Sulfur in Palworld.

A player about to mine a sulfur node in Palworld.
Sulfur is used to make ammo and weapons.

Most common location for Sulfur in Palworld

Dungeons are among the most common locations for Sulfur in Palworld. You can find tons of them in the game’s Starting Zones, which are likely to be the easiest locations you can explore. Make your way to a dungeon and look for Sulfur deposits. These should be easily visible as massive yellow-colored rocks within dungeons.

How to mine Sulfur in Palworld

You can mine Sulfur in Palworld using a Metal Pickaxe or higher.

While exploring and mining, be on the lookout for any threats within the dungeon as they’re bound to be filled with enemies. We recommend using some strong gear as well as some moderately powerful Pals to attack any hostiles and defend yourself.

Best early game location for Sulfur in Palworld

Palworld’s Starting Zones are a great place to look for Sulfur as well. While dungeons are better and house more Sulfur deposits than the open area within Starting Zones, it’s always worth it to take a look around incase any deposits have spawned on the ground.

Mining a sulfur deposit in Palworld.
You can use a Metal Pickaxe or better tool to mine Sulfur in Palworld.

Best mid to endgame location for Sulfur in Palworld

The Desert in Palworld is a great region to look for and mine Sulfur. You can find large Sulfur deposits in the biome as well as tons of Coal, which is used to make Refined Ore, a key ingredient in the crafting recipes for the Refined Metal Pickaxe, Ultra Spheres, Assault Rifle, and more.

However, when traveling to the Desert region, you’ll need specialized armor like Heat Resistant Pelt Armor to protect yourself from the heat, and don’t forget to carry weapkn s and leave enough space in your inventroy for all the Sulfur you’re going to carry home.

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