How to get & farm Cement in Palworld

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Cement in Palworld

Cement in Palworld is an important material for creating defensive structures but you’ll have to unlock it before you can start crafting it. On that note, here’s how to get Cement in Palworld, including how to farm it.

Palworld features a variety of different materials and resources that can be used for crafting recipes. From materials used in food items like Honey to resources required to craft armor such as Leather, every material in Palworld serves a purpose.

If you’re looking to upgrade the defensive capabilities of your base, it’s best to stock up on Cement. This material only gets more essential as players level up. So, here’s how to get Cement in Palworld, including how to farm it.

Palworld: How to get Cement

Technology Menu in Palworld
Crafting Cement in Palworld requires three materials.

To get Cement in Palworld, you’ll need to reach level 19 and unlock it using one Technology Point. After unlocking the material, you can craft Cement on a High Quality Workbench using:

  • 50x Stone
  • 1x Bone
  • 1x Pal Fluids

Palworld: Best way to farm Cement

Farming Cement in Palworld is all about stocking up on the required crafting materials. To get a steady supply of Stone, it’s best to build a Stone Pit and capture Pals with a high level in Mining such as Digtoise.

The easiest way to gather Pal Fluid is by defeating water-type Pals near oceans or the coast. For farming, Fuack and Pengullet are the best picks since they’re pretty easy to take down.

That was how to get Cement in Palworld. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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