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Palworld is filled with resources like Stone, Wood, and Ore but Pure Quartz is quite rare and hard to collect. If you’re unable to create certain items due to a lack of this mineral, here’s how to get Pure Quartz in Palworld, including its spawn locations and best farming methods.

One of the most basic yet important things to do in Palworld is collecting resources such as Wood, Stone, Ore, and Paldium Fragments. While some help in creating Pal Spheres, others help in improving the quality and efficiency of your base through machinery.

As you progress in Palworld, you’ll most likely come across Pure Quartz as an ingredient required for machinery. Unlike many other resources, Pure Quartz is not found abundantly in the open world and you’ll require planning as well as Mining Pals to get it.

On that note, here’s everything to know about Pure Quartz in Palworld, including its spawn location, farming tips, and uses.

Where to find Pure Quartz in Palworld

To find Pure Quartz in Palworld, you need to make your way to the snowy Astral Mountains that are located towards the northwestern side of the map. Since this is a survival game, you will need to craft the appropriate gear to keep you warm.

palworld map with pure quartz location.
You can find Pure Quartz in the snowy biome to the northwest.

Without cold-resistant gear in Palworld, you will freeze to death in the Astral Mountains. So make sure your gear has good cold-resistant stats.

Pure Quartz deposits look like huge chunks of shiny rocks, but you will need a pickaxe to break them.

How to farm Pure Quartz easily

Apart from breaking these rocks with your pickaxe, you can also passively farm Pure Quartz in Palworld. Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Build a base near these mineral deposits.
  2. Assign a Pal with Mining Work Sustainability to harvest the mineral from the ores.
  3. Assign a Pal with Transportation Work Sustainability to collect the mined Pure Quartz and store them in caches in your base.
  4. Check back from time to time and collect all your harvested Ore.

What is Pure Quartz used for in Palworld?

You need Pure Quartz to craft a Circuit in Palworld. To craft a Circuit, you need to use four stacks of Pure Quartz and two stacks of Polymer. But first, you will need to build a Production Line Assembly after you hit technology level 28.

Once you’ve crafted a circuit, you will be able to build machinery that run on electricity in Palworld.

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