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Best Pokemon for PvP battles in Pokemon Go: Great, Master, and Ultra league guide

The Go Battle League expects Trainers to bring their strongest Pokemon, and here’s a list of the best Pokemon for PvP battles in Pokemon Go.



Best Pokemon for PvP battles in Pokemon Go featuring Dialga

The Go Battle League is the ultimate test for Pokemon Go Trainers as they face each other in intense 3v3 battles. Here’s a list of the strongest Pokemon for Pokemon Go’s Great, Master, and Ultra leagues that will significantly boost your win rate.

Combat in Pokemon Go is best showcased in the Go Battle League, where Trainers around the world form teams with their most powerful Pokemon. Progressing is fairly easy initially, but as you reach higher levels, you’ll mostly find terrifying opponents with Pokemon that have perfect IVs.

In such a competitive setting, choosing the right team that not only attacks but also defends efficiently becomes really important. If you’re struggling to progress in Great, Ultra, or Master league, this guide will help you.

The lists below will reveal five of the strongest Pokemon for every Go Battle league in Pokemon Go.

Banners of Great League, Ultra League, and Master League in Pokemon Go

Strongest Pokemon for Great League in Pokemon Go

You can bring Pokemon with up to 1500 Combat Power in the Great League in Pokemon Go. This might sound easy, but the CP limit often compels players to rule out their strongest companions.

These are the best Pokemon for you to use in the Great League:

Galarian Stunfisk

  • Type: Ground and Steel
  • Fast moves: Mud Shot and Metal Claw.
  • Charge moves: Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Rock Slide, Muddy Water.
  • Best move set: Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Weak against: Fighting, Ground, Fire, Water
  • Resists damage from these types: Normal, Bug, Flying, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Rock, Electric, Poison.

The number of types that aren’t effective against Galarian Stunfisk should be enough to explain why this Pokemon has been dominating the Great League in Pokemon Go. The unique combination of Ground and Steel allows it to not only have a great move set but also to resist damage from the strongest types.

Galarian Stunfisk in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Water and Fairy
  • Fast moves: Bubble and Rock Smash
  • Charge moves: Ice Beam, Play Rough, and Hydro Pump
  • Best move set: Bubble and Play Rough
  • Weak against: Poison, Grass, and Electric.
  • Resists damage from these types: Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Ice, Dark, and Dragon

You might not have expected a cute Pokemon like Azumarill on this list, but its stats and type advantages make it a prominent choice in Pokemon Go’s Great League. Azumarill has a diverse move set and is resistant to some of the strongest types such as Dragon, Fire, and Ice.

Azumarill in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Rock and Steel
  • Fast moves: Iron Tail and Smack Down
  • Charge moves: Flamethrower, Stone Edge, Flash Cannon
  • Best move set: Iron Tail and Stone Edge
  • Weak against: Fighting, Ground, and Water
  • Resists damage from these types: Rock, Bug, Psychic, Dragon, Ice, Fairy, Normal, Flying, Poison

Avoid using Bastiodon against Fighting and Ground Pokemon and it’ll successfully demolish any other opponent. Its offense might not be the best, but its defense stats overshadow even some Legendary Pokemon and accordingly, it’s an outstanding option for the Great League.

Moreover, Bastiodon can learn a wide range of moves that solidify its place as one of the most used Pokemon in the Great League.

Blastiodon in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Water and Ground
  • Fast moves: Mud Shot and Water Gun
  • Charge moves: Blizzard, Mud Bomb, and Water Pulse
  • Best move set: Mud Shot and Mud Bomb
  • Weak against: Grass (deals double Super Effective damage)
  • Resists damage from these types: Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire

Steel types like Galarian Stunfisk and Bastiodon are dominant in the Great League, and Whishcash happens to be the perfect counter to them. Mud Shot and Mud Bomb form one of the best move sets in Pokemon Go that you can use to spam attacks and waste your opponents’ shields.

Whishcash is primarily used as the lead Pokemon in the team. In most situations, it can give Trainers an ideal start by compelling the opponents to use their shields or take consistent damage from Mud Bomb.

Whishcash in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Fighting and Psychic
  • Fast moves: Psycho and Counter Cut
  • Charge moves: Ice Punch, Psychic, Dynamic Punch, and Power-Up Punch
  • Best move set: Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Weak against: Flying, Ghost, and Fairy
  • Resists damage from these types: Fighting and Rock

Medicham is an aggressive Fighting-type Pokemon that is tailor-made for the Great League. Being Psychic helps in defense while its Fighting-type moves can take down some of the most intimidating Steel-type Pokemon that have already made this list.

Having said that, we don’t recommend using Medicham anywhere outside the Great League as its max CP is 1431, which is way too low for Ultra League and Master League competition.

Medichan in Pokemon Go

Best team to use in Pokemon Go’s Great League

Based on the meta in September 2022, this is the strongest team to use in Pokemon Go’s Great League:

  • Galarian Stunfisk
  • Azumarril
  • Whishcash

If you don’t have one or more of these Pokemon, try adding Bastiodon, Skarmory, Machamp, or Altaria to the roster.

This is not to say that you’ll win with these teams every time because such a thing cannot be guaranteed in PvP modes. However, we can promise that with the right move sets and strategy, you’ll be able to increase your win rate.

Strongest Pokemon for Ultra League in Pokemon Go

The Ultra League in Pokemon Go allows Trainers to use Pokemon with CP below 2500. Accordingly, a bunch of new options become available in this category.

These are the best Pokemon that you should use in the Ultra League:


  • Type: Ghost and Grass
  • Fast moves: Sucker Punch and Shadow Claw
  • Charge moves: Seed Bomb, Shadow Ball, Foul Play
  • Best move set: Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Weak against: Flying, Ghost, Fire, Ice, Dark
  • Resists damage from these types: Ground, Water, Grass, Electric, Normal, Fighting

Trevenant has ascended to the top of the Ultra League in Pokemon Go within just two years of release. It has a fair share of weaknesses but stands out due to its great offense and moves.

Trevenant performs well in the Great League but if you power it up with XL candies, you’ll be able to outshine opponents in the Ultra League too. It avoids damage from many types because of its association with Grass but you should focus on dealing Ghost-type damage through its attacks.

Trevenant in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Normal
  • Fast moves: Lick, Zen Headbutt, and Yawn (with Elite TM)
  • Charge moves: Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Outrage, Skull Bash, Body Slam, Superpower, Frustration, Return
  • Best move set: Lick and Body Slam
  • Weak against: Fighting
  • Resists damage from these types: Ghost

It isn’t a surprise that one of the biggest Pokemon ever has made this list. Snorlax belongs to the infamous Normal type, but its tanky defense is always a bone of contention for opponents. It can take down prevalent Ghost-type Pokemon like Giratina and Trevenant with ease.

On top of everything, Snorlax is easier to catch than Legendaries/Mythical Pokemon which only appear in Raids.

Sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Water and Ground
  • Fast moves: Mud Shot and Water Gun
  • Charge moves: Earthquake, Sludge Wave, Surf, Muddy Water, Hydro Cannon
  • Best move set: Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon
  • Weak against: Grass
  • Resists damage from these types: Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel, and Fire

Just save Swampert from Grass-type opponents, and it’ll absolutely demolish the competition in the Ultra League. A Fast Move like Mud Shot and Charge Moves such as Surf and Hydro Cannon make Swampert a great lead in any team.

Swampert’s impact on the Ultra League has been so massive that many players choose Venusaur as their starter to just counter it.

Swampert in Pokemon Go

Giratina (Altered Forme)

  • Type: Ghost and Dragon
  • Fast moves: Dragon Breath and Shadow Claw
  • Charge moves: Ancient Power, Shadow Sneak, and Dragon Claw
  • Best move set: Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw, Shadow Sneak
  • Weak against: Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy
  • Resists damage from these types: Poison, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Normal, and Fighting

This one shouldn’t need a lot of explanation, but we’ll still give you some reasons why Giratina in its Altered state is arguably the strongest Pokemon for the Ultra League. It has access to the strongest movements in both Ghost and Dragon types and its attack, defense, and stamina stats are perfectly balanced.

Giratina is an ideal lead if your team has Pokemon that can take down Fairy and Ice-type opponents. With them out of the way, the Legendary beast will make light work of the rest of the competition.

Giratina Altered Forme in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Fighting
  • Fast moves: Bullet Punch, Counter, and Karate Chop
  • Charge moves: Cross Chop, Rock Slide, Close Combat, Dynamic Punch, Heavy Slam
  • Best move set: Counter and Cross Chop
  • Weak against: Flying, Psychic, and Fairy
  • Resists damage from these types: Rock, Bug, and Dark

Machamp is one of the most commonly found Pokemon on this list and it can help you defeat some of the most prominent Ultra League Pokemon such as Registeel, Walrein, Snorlax, and Galarian Stunfisk.

Machamp’s increased availability also makes it easier for players to power up his Shadow version which is even stronger for the Ultra League.

Machamp in Pokemon Go

Best team to use in Pokemon Go’s Ultra League

The best Ultra League team in Pokemon Go consists of these Pokemon:

  • Swampert
  • Giratina (Altered Forme)
  • Trevenant

It is important to reiterate that this team can fail on certain occasions but the overall results will most likely be positive.

We avoided including the likes of Registeel and Regirock because of their rarity. Similarly, Abomasnow and Walrein reach their true potential with XL candies that are largely used by end-game players.

The Pokemon on this list will provide you with great results with the least amount of effort.

Strongest Pokemon for Master League in Pokemon Go

Unsurprisingly, Master League is the most competitive league in Pokemon Go. It is filled with the strongest Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon because there’s literally no CP limit.

These are the Pokemon that can easily carry you through battles in Master League:


  • Type: Steel and Dragon
  • Fast moves: Dragon Breath and Metal Claw
  • Charge moves: Iron Head, Thunder, and Draco Meteor
  • Best move set: Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor
  • Weak against: Fighting and Ground
  • Resists damage from these types: Normal, Rock, Flying, Bug, Steel, Water, Electric, Psychic, Poison, and Grass.

Dialga is the most obvious choice if you want to win battles in the Master League. Dragon-type Pokemon dominate this league, and Dialga’s association with Steel makes Dragon-type and Fairy-type opponents ineffective.

Alongside great type advantages, Dialga boasts some of the best stats in the game due to which it can single-handedly take down multiple opponents. Dragon-type moves such as Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor work like icing on the cake.

Dialga in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Dragon and Flying
  • Fast moves: Steel Wing, Dragon Tale, and Dragon Breath
  • Charge moves: Hyper Beam, Hurricane, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Superpower
  • Best move set: Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor
  • Weak against: Ice, Rock, Dragon, Fairy
  • Resists damage from these types: Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Ground, Grass

Probably the only non-Legendary Dragon-type Pokemon that can survive the Master League is Dragonite. This tanky Pokemon has really impressive stats and with the right moves, you’ll be able to take down some Legendaries too.

We’ve also included Dragonite because it’s far more accessible than the Legendaries that are common in the Master League. If you get your hands on its Shadow version, powering it up will be certainly worth the effort.

Dragonite in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Psychic
  • Fast moves: Psycho Cut and Confusion
  • Charge moves: Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Focus Blast
  • Best move set: Psycho Cut and Psystrike
  • Weak against: Bug, Ghost, and Dark
  • Resists damage from these types: Fighting and Psychic

The best attacker in Pokemon Go, Mewtwo, deserves a spot on this list more than any Pokemon. With 300 attack, Mewtwo is a nightmare for any opponent and its diverse move set is equally dangerous.

Ideally, use Mewtwo with one Psychic-type Charge move for STAB (Same-type attack bonus) and another Charge Move that can act as a counter in peculiar situations.

Mewtwo in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Fairy and Flying
  • Fast moves: Air Slash, Hidden Power, and Charm
  • Charge moves: Aerial Ace, Ancient Power, Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower
  • Best move set: Charm and Dazzling Gleam
  • Weak against: Poison, Rock, Steel, Electric, and Ice
  • Resists damage from these types: Grass, Dark, Fighting, Ground, Bug, Dragon

It is evident that Dragon-type Pokemon pose the most formidable challenge in Pokemon Go and Togekiss is the perfect counter to them. We’ve selected Togekiss over Zacian primarily due to its accessibility.

While Charm should be a permanent Fast Move option, you can use Dazzling Gleam for STAB or use Flamethrower and Ancient Power as a backup.

Togekiss in Pokemon Go


  • Type: Ground
  • Fast moves: Mud Shot and Dragon Tail
  • Charge moves: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Solar Beam, and Fire Punch
  • Best move set: Mud Shot and Fire Punch, Earthquake
  • Weak against: Water, Grass, and Ice
  • Resists damage from these types: Poison, Rock, and Electric

If you don’t want Steel types like Dialga and Melmetal ruining your experience in Pokemon Go’s Master League, just add Groudon with fire moves to your team. With Mud Shot, you’ll deal quick damage and the energy generation will let you access powerful Charge Moves like Earthquake and Fire Punch in no time.

Groudon’s stats make him excellent for offense as well as defense and to say the least, you won’t regret investing in this Legendary Pokemon.

Groudon in Pokemon Go

Best team to use in Pokemon Go’s Master League

The best team for Master League in Pokemon Go should include these Pokemon:

  • Mewtwo
  • Dialga
  • Groudon

Mewtwo and Dialga can take out any Dragon-type opponent with ease while Groudon will take care of your opponent’s Steel-type counters.

Yet again, we can’t guarantee invincibility with any team in Pokemon Go but relying on these three Pokemon appears to be the safest bet.

Dialga ready to attack in the Pokemon anime

Some alternatives that are commonly used in the Master League include Giratina in its original form, Lugia, Zekrom, and Kyogre.

Well, this was everything about the best Pokemon for PvP battles in Pokemon Go’s Great, Ultra, and Master leagues. For similar content, check out these guides on how to get Mega Energy and how to get more Pokeballs.

Image Credits: Niantic, The Pokemon Company