How to build a Stone Pit in Palworld

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Pals in Palworld

Gathering materials like Stones in Palworld can get a bit tedious if you are doing it the conventional way, and hitting rocks will erode your gear as well. It is better to keep a steady supply by building a Stone Pit, so here’s how to do it in Palworld.

Having already gathered a massive audience of dedicated players, Palworld is one of the biggest releases of 2024. Even though it is heavily inspired by Pokemon and Minecraft, it did not stop it from giving other games a solid run for their money.

Palworld is all about catching Pals, building your base, and turning your character into a formidable force by gradually upgrading your belongings in the game. However, that is a rather long process that involves quite a bit of skill and farming.

Making weapons to tackle enemies is extremely important, but gathering the required materials might be painful. You can minimize this by building a Stone Pit to keep a steady supply of the item running into your base.

Here’s how to build a Stone Pit in Palworld.

How to make a Stone Pit in Palworld

You will need to reach Level 7 in Palworld to unlock the Stone Pit under the Technology tab. Once you have unlocked it, you will simply need to go for one last Stone-farming run to gather the materials to be able to craft it.

You can catch or kill Pals to discover more about their species to farm XP in Palworld and reach Level 7 quickly. Once you are there, you will need to collect these materials in order to craft the Stone Pit:

  • 50 Stone
  • 20 Wood
  • 10 Paldium Fragments
A player at a ranch with several Pals.
Make your Pals work for you to help in harvesting.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to go on a final Stone-farming spree and break rocks to gather them, while you can get Wood by chopping down trees. However, if you are building a Stone Pit a bit further into the game, you might want to look into building a Logging Site for your base as well to have a steady influx of Wood.

Lastly, Paldium Fragments can be farmed from Paldium deposits around the environment, and can also be spotted lying on the ground at random places. Once you have all the materials, head over to your Technology tab and simply select a spot to make the structure in Palworld.

How to use a Stone Pit in Palworld

Using a Stone Pit in Palworld is quite simple, as you will only have to assign Pals with the Miner skill to it. One of the most popular Pals that is eligible for this is Cattiva, and you can find it in the starting areas quite frequently.

You can also assign more Pals with the Miner skill to the Stone Pit to increase your supply, while you are out doing your work. Simply return to the base at a later time to be welcomed by a large bulk of Stone in Palworld.

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