How to get & farm Ore in Palworld

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Pals holding ingots in Palworld

For those wondering how to get and farm Ore in Palworld, here’s everything you need to know, including the best location to find it.

Palworld is taking the gaming community by storm, as the new open world multiplayer survival title has been doing some serious numbers since it launched. The game has a lot to offer, which also means there’s a lot to learn, as players set out on their journey of building bases and catching their favorite Pals.

While the Pokemon influence is clear, there are also many aspects of popular survival games such as Ark and Minecraft.

In order to upgrade your gear and base, you’ll need better materials, so for those wondering how they can mine and farm Ore in Palworld, here’s everything you need to know.

How to mine Ore in Palworld

To mine Ore in Palworld, you’ll need a Stone Pickaxe, which can be unlocked and made early on in the game with five Stone and five Wood. Once you have a Pickaxe, simply walk up to the Ore deposit and start hitting it. It will eventually break and you will then be able to pick up the Ore that drops.

Upgrading your Pickaxe with metal you earn from Ore mining will increase the efficiency of obtaining Ore through this method in Palworld. You can craft a Metal Pickaxe on a High-Quality Work Bench with 15 Stones, 20 Wood, and five Ore Ingots.

If your tools break, you can repair them using the Repair Bench to save yourself some materials.

Palworld Ore location: Where to find

palworld map with ore areas marked
Here are some of the best locations to find Ore deposits in Palworld.

There are many places where you can find Ore in Palworld, as the devs have made sure to include areas that have an abundance of Ore-rich rocks. If you’re looking for a location specifically, check out the areas marked on the map above.

We recommend the location next to the Desolate Church fast travel point.

How to make Ingots in Palworld: All Kindling Pals

You can make Ingots using a Primitive Furnace, which unlocks at Level 10 in Technology. Simply place the Ores in this Primitive Furnace and assign a Pal with the Kindling ability to start making Ingots. Two Ore are needed for one Ingot. Fire-type Pals are the ones that will have the Kindling ability, so that includes all the following:

  1. Arsox
  2. Blazamut
  3. Blazehowl
  4. Blazehowl Noct
  5. Bushi
  6. Faleris
  7. Flamebelle
  8. Foxparks
  9. Gobfin Ignis
  10. Incineram
  11. Jormuntide Ignis
  12. Kelpsea Ignis
  13. Kitsun
  14. Leezpunk Ignis
  15. Pyrin
  16. Pyrin Noct
  17. Ragnahawk
  18. Reptyro
  19. Rooby
  20. Suzaku
  21. Vanwyrm
  22. Wixen

One of the easiest to find early on is Foxparks, which can be found in the Grassy Behemoth Hills area on the map.

Well, there you have it, that was our guide to finding and farming Ore in Palworld. If you’re also interested in Pokemon, check out:

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