Does Honkai Star Rail have controller support?

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Honkai Star Rail is available to check out on both PC and mobile devices, but can you play the game with a controller? Here’s a breakdown of Honkai Star Rail’s controller support status.

Ever since it launched, Honkai Star Rail has proven to be an extremely popular title, with players hopping into the game on PC, iOS, and Android platforms. The developers have also made it clear that it will be available on PlayStation consoles later.

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This means that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users will also be able to hop into the game and check out the action with their controllers. Players are wondering if the game currently features controller support on the available platforms.

Here’s everything that we know about Honkai Star Rail’s controller support.

Does Honkai Star Rail have controller support?

Yes, Honkai Star Rail has full controller support, allowing players to wield the power of the Honkai universe with the precision and comfort of a controller in their hands. The process of linking your controller to your device may vary based on the type of controller you have.

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For certain controllers, it’s as easy as connecting it directly to your phone or the USB port on your PC. However, other controllers might require a Bluetooth connection to play Honkai Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail features controller support.

While the age-old rivalry between the controller and mouse-and-keyboard players still persists, there’s no denying that a controller brings a few advantages to the table. For many players, the ergonomic design and familiar layout of a controller offer a level of comfort and immersion.

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The tactile feedback, precise analog sticks, and responsive buttons grant gamers a seamless and intuitive experience. So, it’s no surprise that the Honkai Star Rail developers made sure to include controller support in the game.

This isn’t the only HoYoverse title with this feature, as Genshin Impact also includes controller support. That covers everything that you need to know about Honkai Star Rail’s controller support status.

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