What is the max level in Diablo 4? Level cap explained

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Diablo 4 players can continue leveling up their character even after finishing the campaign and Nightmare Dungeons and Strongholds are some of the many features that help with this. If you’re a completionist, check out this guide on the max level in Diablo 4 and how long to reach it.

Diablo 4 will have seasonal play which means that every season, you’ll have a Battle Pass to finish and new challenges to complete. Another thing that makes seasonal play so refreshing is character-building as you’ll always have new builds/classes to try out.

Leveling up your characters is the key to progress in Diablo 4. You get the ability to upgrade healing potions and new skill points become available at every level. Having said that, you only get a limited number of skill points with this method, and knowing the max level helps a lot in planning your build.

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Leveling up in Diablo 4 is the best way to get Skill Points.

What is the level cap in Diablo 4?

The max level in Diablo 4 is 100 but completing the main story will only require you to level up to 50. After level 50, you get Paragon Points that let you reach level 100.

Diablo 4 developers have frequently talked about their focus on end-game content and here are some gameplay elements that’ll help you reach the max level:

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  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Fields of Hatred
  • Helltide Areas
  • Seasonal missions and events
  • Capstone Dungeons
  • Tree of Whispers
  • Codex of Power
  • Paragon Board

For more, you can check out our comprehensive guide on how to level up fast in Diablo 4.

How long does it take to reach the max level in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 developers have confirmed that reaching level 100 should take 150 hours+ for the average player. The leveling-up process changes entirely after you beat the campaign and reach level 50 as endgame features like high World Tiers, Paragon Points, and Nightmare Dungeons become available.

First players to reach level 100 in Diablo 4

Rob2628, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, is the first person to reach level 100 in Diablo 4. Moreover, streamer cArn_ is the first person to reach level 100 in Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode. Both players reached the max level during the Early Access making their achievements even more impressive.

How many skill points can you get in Diablo 4?

You can get a maximum of 58 skill points in Diablo 4 to unlock skills, passive abilities, and upgrades for your character. This is based on the number of skill points you get by leveling up from level 1 to 50, and the Renown system.

Necromancer class in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
The skill points you get by the Renown system are common for all characters.

You can get 48 skill points by leveling up from 1-50 in Diablo 4. Moreover, accumulating 200 and 800 total Renown in a region will also reward two skill points, and considering there are five regions in the game, completing all the available Renown challenges should help you get 10 skill points. As a result, every character you make should get a maximum of 58 (48 + 10) skill points.

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Well, this was everything to know about the max level and the maximum skill points in Diablo 4. For more content on the game, you can check out:

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