How to upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4

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While exploring the merciless areas in Diablo 4, you’ll constantly have to rely on healing potions, and upgrading them is essential as you start facing the toughest bosses and enemies. Here’s how to upgrade your healing potions in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4, lets players carry healing potions that can be obtained from chests and defeated enemies. However, you always have a limited inventory in Diablo games, and keeping a hefty supply of potions might stop you from collecting gear, tools, and other important armor items.

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The solution to this is upgrading your healing potions which can be done during the Server Slam weekend as well. Without increasing their space requirement, your potions can heal more and this becomes somewhat compulsory when you start facing the toughest bosses and enemies.

On that note, here’s how to upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4.

Minor Healing Potion in Diablo 4Blizzard
Minor Healing Potions can be unlocked after reaching level 20.

How to upgrade potions in Diablo 4

You can upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4 after reaching the following levels:

  • Weak Healing Potion – Level 1
  • Tiny Healing Potion – Level 10
  • Minor Healing Potion – Level 20
  • Light Healing Potion – Level 30
  • Moderate Healing Potion – Level 45
  • Strong Healing Potion – Level 60
  • Greater Healing Potion – Level 70
  • Major Healing Potion – Level 80
  • Superior Healing Potion – Level 90

Upon reaching all these levels, a Priority Quest should appear on your map. The first healing potion upgrade takes place in Kyovashad and the location of the alchemist called Veroka who upgrades the potions is marked in the image below:

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Alchemist's location in Diablo 4Blizzard
Fractured Peaks is the first major area in Diablo 4.

During the Server Slam weekend, you’ll be able to level up to 20 meaning that the Minor Healing Potion will be the best healing item in the game. Do note that the alchemist who upgrades your potion will require items such as:

  • Howler moss
  • Paletongue
  • Gallowvine
  • Biteberry
  • Reddamine
  • Lifesbane
  • Grave dust
  • Blightshade

How to get more healing potions charges in Diablo 4

The Renown system in Diablo 4 can help you get more healing potions. Increase your Renown in an area and one of the many rewards will be a Potion Charge. This way, you can increase the number of healing potion charges to 10 from the default value of 4.

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Well, this was everything to know about upgrading healing potions in Diablo 4. For more content on the game, you can check out:

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