Diablo 4 Class tier list for Season 2: Best classes for early game, end game, Nightmare Dungeons, more

Diablo 4 classes in the character selection screenBlizzard Entertainment

When starting a new season in Diablo 4, you will have to choose a class among the five in the game, so here’s a class tier list for early, mid, and endgame in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Diablo games have always allowed players to pick their character from several unique classes and Diablo 4 is no exception. The fastest-selling Blizzard game of all time has five classes, and their skills and powers are almost always being fine-tuned by the devs in every update.

After the beginning of Season 2, players have found various new builds for each class that significantly alter their playing styles with the new Vampiric Powers in the game. Classes that worked for you in the previous season might not be as potent after the newest patch.

Here’s a Diablo 4 Season 2 class tier list to help you choose the best classes for early game, mid-game, end game, Nightmare Dungeons, solo runs, team play, and more.

A Druid character in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
The Druid class in Diablo 4 can turn into werebears or werewolves.

Best Diablo 4 classes for early game (Level 1-50)

In the table below, we’ve ranked Diablo 4 classes based on their performance in the early game when your goal is to finish the campaign:

TierDiablo 4 class
SRogue, Sorcerer

After the Diablo 4 Season 2 update, the best Diablo 4 classes in the early game are the Rogue and Sorcerer, with their famous Twisting Blades and Chain Lightning build respectively.

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The Necromancer is also one of the best in 1 to 50 leveling since its abilities work well in most scenarios despite lacking mobility. Builds like the Sever and Blight Corpse Explosion Necromancer are quite straightforward and can carry you in the endgame as well.

Barbarians fell right to the bottom of the list in Season 2 for early-game leveling. Barbarians’ early game is especially slow and weak, however, if you can level them up significantly, they can become great assets for your endgame progression.

Lorath, a major NPC in Diablo 4 campaignBlizzard Entertainment
The story in Diablo 4 is non-linear after you reach Kyovashad.

Best Diablo 4 classes for mid-game (level 50-75)

In the table below, we’ve ranked Diablo 4 classes based on their performance in the mid game which begins after you’ve finished the campaign:

TierDiablo 4 class
SRogue, Necromancer

After completing the campaign in Diablo 4, you get access to Paragon Boards, Glyphs, Nightmare Dungeons, World Tier 3, and several challenges. Just like your early game, the Rogue can be your best bet here. With many new builds and Imbuements to try, there is a massive scope for experimentation with this class.

Similarly, the Necromancer rises up this time as you can finally start implementing one of the strongest builds in Diablo 4 Season 2, the Bone Spear Necromancer. The Druid and the Sorcerer are both more or less great classes to use after unlocking their full potential with the Paragon Board upgrades and suitable glyphs.

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However, the Barbarian still falls short compared to the other classes even after unlocking their Paragon Board. Although they can be a pretty tanky class during this stage of the game, the overall damage output still falls short compared to other classes.

A Barbarian in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
The Barbarian class is a slow starter in Diablo 4 but dominates the endgame.

Best Diablo 4 classes for end game (level 75-100)

In the table below, we’ve ranked Diablo 4 classes based on their performance in the end game where you’ll reach the max level and constantly face the toughest enemies and bosses:

TierDiablo 4 class
ADruid, Barbarian

The Diablo 4 endgame seems to be great for the Rogue and Druid classes. In World Tier 4, once you have started implementing the Legendary and Unique loot, with their Paragon skills and gear, you can get some great damage numbers in the game.

Surprisingly the Barbarian jumps up this time as their endgame potential is immense. In the Season 2 patch, this class has seen its fair share of buffs such as its Berserking skill that are great for clearing out mobs in World Tier 4.

The Necromancer is also amazing in Diablo 4’s endgame, and some builds you can try out include Army of the Dead Necromancer or keep going with the Bones Spear Necromancer. While the DPS will be high, you’ll have to be very cautious with the Necromancer class as they aren’t tanky in the game, and their mobility is their major downside.

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The Sorcerer falls short for the endgame as low HP and Attack Power can be a major issue in the late game stage or against bosses like Uber Lilith and Uber Duriel in Season 2.

A Sorcerer holding a fire ball in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
All Diablo 4 classes have been featured in previous games as well.

Best Diablo 4 classes for solo endgame

In the table below, we’ve assigned tiers to Diablo 4 classes based on their ability to perform solo in the endgame:

TierDiablo 4 class
ADruid, Necromancer

Rogues are the best class for solo endgame after Diablo 4’s latest update. They have high survivability in every stage of the game, and their Passive skills have consolidated its DPS game.

Druids have also seen their fair share of buff as no one seems to call them the worst class in the game anymore. Necromancers as always are very strong and can dish out some of the highest damage in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Barbarians can be a pretty decent choice too for a solo endgame due to their high offense and defense. Although you might not just melt enemies right away like the Bone Spear Necromancer, it is still one of the best classes to try out.

However, the Sorcerer is the weakest of them all for the endgame, just as it is for co-op in Diablo4 Season 2.

Best Diablo 4 classes for team play

Diablo 4 players can use these classes to create strong teams and clear the endgame in co-op:

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TierDiablo 4 class
SBarbarian, Druid
ARogue, Necromancer

The Barbarian and Druid can be a team of tanks as they both have absurdly high HP and damage deduction bonuses. As the former can get to the front with hard-hitting strikes, the Druid can provide all-around support to ease off boss fights in the game.

The Necromancer and Rogue is another great match-up for co-op in Season 2 as Rogues balances out the only shortcoming of Necromancers, their mobility. Rogues can get close to the enemies and destroy them with Imbuements and fast attacks, Necromancers can melt enemies away with their AoE attacks.

Rogue characters in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
Rogue characters can apply multiple debuffs to enemies in Diablo 4.

Best Diablo 4 classes for Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons are the most challenging Dungeons in Diablo 4, and these are the best classes to clear them:

TierDiablo 4 class
SDruid, Necromancer

Nightmare Dungeons can be a significant challenge for players during the mid and endgame in Diablo 4. With a constant surge of enemies at your feet while you have challenging debuffs, it can get pretty messy dealing with higher-tier Nightmare Dungeons.

According to our Season 2 playthrough, the Druid and Necromancer class seems to be the ideal fit for Nightmare Dungeon progression. The Druid can tank hard-hitting enemies and dish out devastating spells, while Necromancers’ AoE attacks are second to none.

With great buffs to Berserking, Barbarians are the next best choice for Nightmare Dungeons as it is all about holding out and dishing significant damage to the countless mobs. Although Rogues are one of the best classes in the game, they might feel a bit overwhelmed dealing with Nightmare Dungeons solo.

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The Sorcerer falls short yet again as their ranged attacks are actually holding them back this time, as most enemies are pretty tanky and will close in soon enough in Nightmare Dungeons.

Official Diablo art featuring Necromancers and the undeadBlizzard Entertainment
Druids and Barbarians are the top-tier classes to face Nightmare Dungeons.

Best overall class in Diablo 4

Based on their performance in the early game, end game, Nightmare Dungeons, solo play, and team play, these are the best classes in Diablo 4:

TierDiablo 4 class
SRogue, Necromacner
ASorcerer, Druid

Necromancers and Rogues are the best classes in Diablo 4 Season 2. Even though Necromancer has seen its fair share of nerfs, it can still destroy bosses like Uber Lilith and Uvber Duriel if used correctly. Similarly, the Rogue’s speed and agility, paired with its Imbuements makes it a fearsome class.

Druids and Sorcerers are pretty great too this season, unlike the Barbarian because of its performance in early and mid-game in Diablo 4 Season 2. However, as mentioned earlier, Barbarians can be a great choice for the endgame if leveled correctly.

Diablo 4 AstarothBlizzard
These lists were made according to Diablo 4’s latest update.

Do note that the tier lists above don’t intend to paint any of the classes in Diablo 4 as unplayable. With the right skills and investment, even a Necromancer might outperform a Barbarian in Dungeons, and at the end of the day, the game is all about building a character that suits your play style the best.

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Remember that Diablo 4 meta can change in every major update, so we’ll keep you posted on any news.

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