Does Diablo 4 have mercenaries or followers?

Aakrit Sharma
A boss fight in Diablo 4

Previous Diablo games allowed players to hire mercenaries and followers to aid them in quests and the community is naturally curious to know if you can do the same in Diablo 4. Here’s everything to know about hiring followers or mercenaries in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is the biggest game in the franchise and fans were delighted to see a bunch of new features like mounts, Renown, detailed character creation, and transmogrification. At the same time, the developers have added improved versions of long-time features such as fast travel, potions, loot, skills, and character classes.

A feature that was used vigorously in Diablo 2 was mercenaries and in Diablo 3, there was a follower system. Both these features came in very handy which is why the community is eager to try similar strategies in Diablo 4.

On that note, here’s everything to know about the ability to hire followers and mercenaries in Diablo 4.

A Druid character in Diablo 4
Quests in Diablo 4 automatically make some characters follow you.

Does Diablo 4 have a followers or mercenaries system?

No, Diablo 4 does not have the follower system from Diablo 3 or the mercenaries system from Diablo 2. This may initially disappoint seasoned Diablo fans, yet there’s potential for these components to arrive eventually.

Nevertheless, Diablo 4 incorporates followers in its storyline but redefines their role significantly. Rather than being hirelings or full-time companions, followers in Diablo 4 become central characters during crucial plot events like Leah from Diablo 3. However, this approach is more pronounced in Diablo 4, with several storyline quests featuring one or more companion characters.

Although this new implementation lacks the strategic depth of Diablo 3, Diablo 4 primarily aims to promote co-op gameplay, encouraging players to forge alliances with other heroes journeying through the game world instead of relying solely on NPC companions. As Diablo 4 progresses through its life cycle, we’ll see if the follower system makes a comeback in a modified form.

However, given the game’s design and intent for a darker, more desolate environment, reintroducing the light-hearted banter and companionship might disrupt the overall mood.

How previous Diablo games incorporated mercenaries and followers

Diablo 2

Mercenaries in Diablo 2
Mercenaries have helped players clear the toughest challenges in Diablo 2.

In Diablo 2, players had the opportunity to enlist mercenaries, arming them with weapons and armor to assist in hellish battles. Each town had a distinct selection of warriors, and certain classes gained more from particular mercenaries’ combat abilities.

For instance, a sturdy Barbarian was a great choice for a Sorceress, enabling her to launch spells while he tackled enemies up close. Contrarily, melee-centric classes would benefit from a mercenary with ranged or elemental support.

Diablo 3

Followers in Diablo 3
Choosing the right follower was a huge task in Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 introduced followers, replacing mercenaries. These full-time companions, including the Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress, had unique storylines, abilities, and fighting styles. Based on their characteristics, they would share unique dialogues when paired with different character classes in Diablo 3.

Over time, the classes would develop a deep connection with their followers, punctuated by humorous banter and mutual respect. Similar to Diablo 2, specific followers’ combat styles were better suited for certain classes.

With the arrival of Diablo 4, the developers have taken a new direction. Fans and gamers are eagerly awaiting to see how these changes in the follower system will impact the overall gameplay and narrative progression in the fourth installment of the iconic Diablo series.

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