Best MK 20 SSR class build in XDefiant

Franco Diaz
XDefiant MK 20 SSR marksman rifle loadout

The MK 20 SSR is a solid marksman rifle in XDefiant. With the right attachments, it can deliver two-shot kills with ease and hang with meta weapons like the M16A4 or the MP7.

On that note, check out the best MK 20 SSR loadout for Season 1.

Best MK 20 SSR build attachments

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel: Rapid Fire
  • Optics: Reflex Sight
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

This class maximizes MK 20 SSR’s rate of fire to gain the upper hand in mid-range engagements.

To achieve this, use the Muzzle Booster and the Rapid Fire Barrel, which significantly boost the rifle’s fire rate at the cost of increased vertical and horizontal recoil. To counter this recoil loss, we’ve opted for the Heavy rear grip, which also provides a notable ADS boost.

Then, we opted for the Fast Mag, which not only adds two extra bullets to the magazine but also increases reload speed by 40%. For the Optic you can’t go wrong with the Reflex Sight, although the 3.0x Scope is also a viable option depending on the map you are playing.

Most of your engagements with the MK 20 SSR should be at medium range, allowing the weapon’s two-shot kill capabilities to shine. Through a bit of practice, you’ll learn to be more precise with the weapon, after which we suggest taking out the optic and throwing on a Stock. Once you’ve got the feel for it, the weapon will feel just as good on iron sights.

MK 20 SSR loadout
You’ll have to grind through plenty of levels to get all the attachments.

Secondary & equipment

Given the MK 20 SSR’s slower rate of fire, you’ll need a secondary that gets off shots quickly and is more useful at closer range, just like 93R. The handgun’s three-shot burst pairs well with the semi-automatic rifle and it’s a reliable weapon to switch to once the MK 20 SSR’s mag runs out.

For equipment, you can use a variety of throwables, ranging from Frag Grenades to EMP Grenades. The choice boils down to whether you’re looking to counter annoying abilities like the Mag Shield, or looking to cause as much damage as possible.

Best Faction

The Echelon faction is the best to use with this MK 20 SSR class, especially with the Intel Suit ability, which reveals enemies in a short range and displays their path. This ability allows you to spot enemies near you, anticipate their next moves, and pre-fire in their direction.

Another good option is the DedSec faction as the Spiderbot ability can slow down enemies, making it much easier to eliminate them.

How to unlock

The MK 20 SSR is one of the base weapons so it doesn’t need to be unlocked. Once you open the game for the first time, you can equip and use it.

However, you’ll need to play with this weapon quite a bit as some of the attachments, like the Fast Mag and the Rapid Fire Barrel, unlock at a weapon level higher than 40. If you want to level up fast, take advantage of Double XP and check out our guide on how to rank up quickly.


If this MK 20 SSR build doesn’t quite convince you, the best alternative is the SVD. But if you’re willing to try out an Assault Rifle, go for the ACR 6.8, as it ranks high among the best weapons in the game.

Once you’ve put together all the attachments, check out the best controller settings before you dive into the Ranked mode.

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