Valorant players long for popular CS2 & DOTA 2 feature

Nikhil Bahuguna
Valorant Episode 7 poster with 5 Agents at the centre

Valorant was released in June 2020 and has been one of the biggest games ever since. Despite Riot’s constant updates and new features, the title lacks a critical feature that’s widely used in CS2 and DOTA 2, and Valorant players have been demanding its addition for a long time.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 is about to end, with fans across the globe preparing for what’s to come with Episode 8. Leaks are already surfacing about the next Agent, with Riot consistently introducing balance changes in every Act, alongside several codes for you to grab free in-game items.

Despite Valorant’s success in acquiring a massive playerbase and developing an esports scene, there’s one highly requested feature that hasn’t made its way into the game, and fans have been demanding it ever since Valorant’s launch.

So, here’s all you need to know about the popular feature from CS2 and DOTA 2 that’s missing in Valorant.

Valorant fans want replay system like Counter-Strike 2 & DOTA 2

CS2 demo ui
Valve was quick to fix and reintroduce demos (replay system) in CS2, which had a massive improvement in its UI when compared to CS:GO.

Fans have been demanding a replay system in Valorant much like the ones in CS2 and DOTA 2. Valorant Mobile leaks are suggesting that the mobile version of the game will have a replay and highlights system at the time of launch, and considering it’s been three years since the PC version was released, players want the ability to review their matches.

Valorant’s dev team lead, Anna Donlon, addressed this issue in January 2023 and assured the fans that several highly requested features were under development.

However, Riot hasn’t announced anything yet and many in the community often take their frustration to Reddit.

While Riot appears to be working on the replay system in Valorant, Reddit user uzispraydown stated, “They will not release replay system for many years. It has nothing to do with development. It’s a choice made by Riot to purposely not add it to the game.”

Why does Valorant need replay system?

A replay system lets you download and watch your match, allowing you to analyze your common mistakes and learn from them. This is a feature that’s extremely useful if you’re looking to learn and naturally, it’s widely used by professional players.

Replays also allow you to study your opponents and learn their in-game patterns by specifically watching their POVs.

Whether Riot brings the replay feature into Valorant remains to be seen but it’s safe to say that it’ll be welcomed by the community.

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