How to remake in Valorant

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Valorant is a game that largely encourages team-play and every member’s contribution is key to victory. If you’re not satisfied with your team composition or a player has abruptly left the lobby, this guide on how to remake in Valorant should come in handy.

While battle royale titles like Fortnite, Warzone, and Apex Legends have many solo modes, the likes of CS2, Valorant, and Overwatch 2 cannot be enjoyed to the fullest without a team. To succeed in these competitive FPS games, you’d want to match up with players who can fulfill their roles properly and communicate throughout the match to discuss strategy and share enemy locations.

Having said that, unless you’re five-stacking, it is impossible to ensure that Valorant matches you’re with the most optimal players. Luckily, the remaking feature lets you find a new team instead of continuing to play multiple rounds.

On that note, here’s how to remake in Valorant.

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There are over 20 playable Agents in Valorant.

How to remake in Valorant to avoid 4v5

You can remake in Valorant to get out of a 4v5 situation only during the buying phase of the second round which lasts 30 seconds. Here are the steps to do so:

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  1. Press Enter once to open the in-game chat.
  2. Type /remake and press Enter once again.
  3. All players on the team will be asked to vote for a remake.
  4. If all four players press F5 and vote ‘Yes,’ the remake will begin.

Following the steps will place all the remaining players in the match in a new queue and luckily, you won’t face any penalties or RR loss.

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Why can’t I remake in Valorant?

You can’t remake in Valorant in the following situations:

  1. The match has already passed the second round.
  2. The disconnected teammate has yet to abandon the match.
  3. The team trying to remake is a five-stack party.

Long story short, you can only remake a Valorant match if a player abandons it before the buying phase of the second round and all the remaining players vote for it.

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