Top 10 Valorant streamers on Twitch: Most popular channels in September 2023

Nikhil Bahuguna
Valorant sunset map with Tarik and TenzRiot Games/tarik/TenZ

As viewership for Valorant is increasing every year, more players are aspiring to be one of the top streamers. Here are the top 10 Valorant streamers on Twitch with the most viewers as of September 2023.

Streaming’s popularity is expanding quickly, particularly for games with a huge player base like Valorant and Call of Duty. While some enjoy watching streamers for entertainment, other players watch the top pros to learn more about the game.

Watching the in-game habits of the best can have a positive effect on your game sense and add to your ability to perform well in your matches. While YouTube remains the biggest platform for videos, Twitch is the go-to platform for most when it comes to live streaming.

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Popular Valorant streamers like tarik, TenZ, and shroud stream on Twitch to their millions of followers. With that said, here’s a list of Twitch’s most popular Valorant streamers, as of September 2023.

10. jingggxd – 5,300 average viewers – 413,000 followers

Jinggg playing for Paper Rex in VCTRiot Games
Jinggg is popular in the Asian region but now also has fans worldwide after the VCT events.

Jinggg is a Singaporean professional player for Paper Rex’s Valorant team. He is one of the star players on his team and streams regularly on Twitch. With Paper Rex finishing tournaments with good results, viewers across the world are getting to know about Jinggg.

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9. Coreano – 5,600 average viewers – 648,000 followers

Coreano is one of the biggest Brazilian streamers on Twitch and primarily streams Valorant. Signed to LOUD as a content creator, he has a streaming schedule, giving viewers a set time to tune into his streams regularly.

8. smthlikeyou11 – 5,700 average viewers – 251,000 followers

Ilya ‘something’ Petrov is a Russian player signed to the Paper Rex Valorant roster. With Paper Rex consistently performing well in the big events, something gained prominence as their star duelist. As a result, viewers from across the world tune in to his stream to watch and learn.

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7. Pokimane – 8,400 average viewers – 9.4 million followers

While Pokimane became one of the top streamers with games like Fortnite and Among Us, she now plays Valorant as the main game on her streams. Despite taking some time off and not streaming regularly anymore, Pokimane remains fairly popular in the Valorant community.

6. s0mcs – 8,800 average viewers – 897,000 followers

Previously in the NRG Valorant roster, s0m has showcased his Controller agent skills on the global stage time and again. Like many other CS:GO pro players, s0m also switched over to Valorant when it came out and gained a massive following, becoming one of the most popular Valorant streamers on Twitch.

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5. Demon1 – 8,900 average viewers – 267,000 followers

Demon1 for EG in an eventRiot Games
Demon1 has led his team to success in 2023.

While EG signed Demon1 to their Valorant roster at the start of 2023, not many in the community knew about him. However, Demon1 gained massive popularity after his MVP performance in the Valorant Champions 2023, leading EG to victory on the international stage.

4. Kyedae – 9,600 average viewers – 2.6 million followers

After entering the limelight while playing and streaming with her fiance TenZ, Kyedae drastically improved her game and consequently managed to climb up the ranks. Since then, she has won an award for the best Valorant Streamer at ‘The Streamer Awards’ and is now one of the top female Valorant streamers on Twitch.

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3. Mixwell – 16,000 average viewers – 1 million followers

Mixwell is an ex-CSGO pro who moved to Valorant after its release. The Spanish player is one of the most popular Valorant streamers on the platform, thanks to his ability to speak both English and Spanish.

2. TenZ – 18,500 average viewers – 3.6 million followers

After switching to Valorant from CS:GO, TenZ found success in streaming, owing to his incredible aim and ability to carry his teams to a win. From being the first Radiant in North America to his flashy plays and star performances in events, TenZ has become one of the most recognizable names in Valorant.

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1. tarik – 47,000 average viewers – 2.9 million followers

Tarik in a Valorant eventtarik/Loaded
tarik’s watch party streams consistently garner more viewers than Valorant’s official match streams.

While tarik enjoyed a successful career in Counter-Strike, he has exploded in popularity since his move to Valorant as a streamer. He has become the go-to channel for viewers to watch VCT events and high-ranked matches.

So, there you have it, the top 10 Valorant streamers on Twitch right now. We’ll make sure to update the rankings every month if they change.

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