Are there any Valorant redeem codes in April 2024?

Nikhil Bahuguna
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Valorant redeem codes have offered unique Sprays, Player Cards, and a Gun Buddy in the past, so if you’re wondering whether there are any active codes in April 2024, here’s what you need to know.

A new Agent is upon us in Valorant Episode 8 Act 2, but weapon skins and other in-game items remain the focus for many in the community, looking to expand their collection.

Riot introduced Wingman’s Drop It spray which was quick to emerge as a popular Spray in late 2023, and if you’re looking to grab a few free items using the redeemable codes, we’ve got you covered below.

Valorant Wingman Drop It Spray
Wingman’s Drop It Spray was available throughout December 2023 in Valorant.

Does Valorant have redeem codes in April 2024?

No, there are no working Valorant codes available for redeeming in April 2024. The last set of codes was added with the Community Challenges in the game, back in November 2023. All the codes released so far have expired, no longer allowing you to get in-game items.

It’s worth noting that Riot releases new codes to celebrate milestones or new releases, and they’re usually active for a few weeks only. We’ll make sure to provide the latest codes, so make sure to check back here from time to time.

All expired Valorant redeem codes

Here’s every Valorant redeem code that no longer works:

  • CC-VLRNT-CCHAL-00001 – Seal of Approval Gun Buddy
  • CC-VLRNT-CCHAL-VAL02 – Not a Peep & VERSUS // Deadlock + Gekko Player Cards
  • CC-VLRNT-CCHAL-WNGMN – Drop It Spray
  • PRISMATIC – Rainbow Pride Player Card
  • YTILAUD – Duality Player Card
  • COTTONCANDY – Cotton Candy Pride Player Card
  • PRIMARY – Primary Pride Player Card
  • GALACTIC – Galactic Pride Player Card
  • SUNSET – Sunset Pride Player Card
  • TWILIGHT – Twilight Pride Player Card
  • SHERBET – Sherbet Pride Player Card
  • JUBILANT01 – Proud Player Title
  • JUBILANT02 – Ally Player Title
Valorant logo in front of Jett holding a knife
Riot introduces plenty of skins and other in-game items in Valorant.

How to redeem codes in Valorant

You can redeem codes in Valorant by following a few simple steps:

  1. Head over to Riot’s official code redemption page.
  2. Enter the code.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a page listing the reward for the code you’ve entered.
  4. Click on the Redeem Code button.

Alternatively, if you wish to redeem the codes through the game, then follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Valorant.
  2. Click on the Valorant logo, right next to the Night Market button and the Dailies and Weekly missions.
  3. You’ll be directed to the VP purchase window.
  4. Click on the final tab for Prepaid Cards & Codes.
  5. Enter the code and press Submit.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know about Valorant redeem codes in April 2024. For more content on Riot’s biggest FPS, be sure to give these a look:

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